5 Great Things from the 1980’s We Miss and 2 We Don’t

They say things from the ‘80’s don’t die, they just fade away. Actually that may have been Levi’s that said that.

Anyway, I am all for change. I love living in today’s world and can’t imagine living back in those prehistoric days of the 1980’s. The technology today is just incredible. I mean, can you imagine trying to read a map without the assistance of GPS navigation? Or passing time by reading a magazine and not playing Candy Crush? Or watching the big game on a television with rabbit ears?

No way, no how.

I admire today’s youth, they have so many cool technological enhancements yet to come. It’s astonishing to think how far advanced society will be in the year 2099. However, today’s Millennials and Generation Z’s missed out on some simple yet guilty pleasures from the most impressionable decade ever, the 1980’s

5 Things We Miss from the 1980’s

ghostbusters1. Novelty Mirrors – these novelty mirrors were sold at rock concerts, given away at roller rinks and offered as prizes at carnivals. Not sure what spawned this trend, but I imagine it was our vanity. Hey I need another mirror to look at my aerosol sprayed hair and three inch thick layer of make-up. Combine that with our favorite bands and movies and there you have it the perfect combination of novelty and vanity.

I was just as guilty as I had two of these novelty mirrors. The first mirror I received was at Iron Maiden night at the Edgemont Roller Rink and the second was a Ghostbusters mirror won at the Great Allentown Fair. “Who you gonna call?”

tshirt2. Concert t-shirts – call it an early version of diversity. In the 80’s all concert shirts were created equal. White body, black sleeves and graphic on the chest, pretty simple. Sometimes the white and black were reversed. Everyone had an arsenal of at least 3-5 concert tees. What was great is that you didn’t even have to attend a concert to get one of these classics, just truck on down to the local mall, Spencer’s probably had the best selection. Today’s concert tees have to compete with t-shirts from Abercrombie, the Gap and such. Back then, the hard choice was which shirt to choose. My personal favorite was my Quite Riot shirt that I wore at least twice a week until it wore out.

book3. Choose Your own adventure books – how great were these easy reading books? First off, these books were only about 100 pages long, add the fact that you skip ahead based upon which adventure you selected and they would up being a 50 page read. Also, the book is the present that keeps on giving since you tended to read these Choose Your own Adventure Books about 20 times trying to get a different adventure each time.


4. Scratch ‘n Sniff Stinky Stickers – I compare the Scratch ‘n Sniff sticker craze of the eighties to that of the Rainbow Loom fad that played out recently. Thousands of stickers existed with scents like fresh cut grass, gasoline, pizza and pickle. Kids traded these Stinky Stickers like baseball cards, teachers gave Stickers for good grades and teens sniffed looking for a quick high. Accessories were also a big thing, including your very own sticker book in which to house these circular scents. I’m actually wondering if these Scratch ‘n Sniff Stinky Stickers led to the cocaine craze as well during this decade?

run dmc

5. Cassette Tapes – digital music is so much better and easier to purchase and play than cassette tapes ever were. I love the fact I can listen to 5,000 songs on an airplane with hundreds of playlists, forwarding over multiple songs in succession. But the simplicity of the cassette, pop-in the tape to your oversized boom book or Sony Walkman, listen to five songs, turn cassette over and listen to another five songs was pure magic.

I think what was even better was actually shopping for cassette tapes at the local record store. Remember when there were at least three record stores in the mall? One would spend numerous hours sorting through rows upon rows of recent releases, classics and alternative albums all for the right to purchase a cassette for $7.99.

I think what was better than better was the unwrapping of the cassette tape.  Anxiously awaiting the contents inside; both the music on the tape and also the physical printed package. Often the packaging featured photos of the band or the song’s lyrics in which one would stare at for the longest time. I still know to this day which way to walk thanks to Run DMC. Which by the way, I played Run DMC’s Raising Hell tape so many times that the actual cassette cover wore down to a nub. Not sure how, but damn that was a good tape!

2 Things from the 1980’s We Don’t Miss

tazLooney Toon’s Tasmanian Devil – not sure how this became a trend. But people were in love with the Tasmanian Devil. For those of you that are not familiar, Loony Toon’s Tasmanian Devil was a cartoon that was shown during a half hour of Bugs Bunny cartoons. The Tasmanian Devil was a weird character that seemed overly anxious and hopped up on Red Bull (though it didn’t exist back then). Geico Insurance is trying to capitalize on this past craze by featuring it in a recent advertisement. Fail!

The Tasmanian Devil sold plenty of merchandise but what I often found bizarre was that so many people ended up with a Tasmanian Devil tattoos. How’s that working out for you? Glad this thing from the eighties was lost, wish Geico thought the same.mom jeans

Mom Jeans – what the heck people!  How awful looking were jeans back then?  Women everywhere now thank the gods (the old and the new) for the rise of low cut jeans.

Lines, Lines Everywhere There’s Lines

What to do at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom When the Crowds are Overwhelming.


We are entering some of Walt Disney World’s busiest times of the year, the Holiday Season. As you can imagine anytime schools are on vacation Disney will be crowded. Most people who are going to Disney do recognize this fact, however for each and every one of them, they hold out the hope that the park will not be “that crowded” and the believe that they will be able to ride every ride and do everything.

This is simply not true.

Nothing that I say in this post is groundbreaking; just simple strategies to use when the Magic Kingdom park is maxed out to full capacity. If you know that you are going at an extremely busy time of the year do not get frustrated. Instead maintain a flexible game plan so that you and your family have a wonderful time.

I am proving insight on this subject matter as I have been to the Magic Kingdom on the slowest of slow days but also on a full capacity day when the park temporary closed due to maximum occupancy. Note: the busiest time we visited was on Good Friday.

This post will focus on strategies specifically for the Magic Kingdom as it would be too difficult to lump all four parks together. Wouldn’t be very efficient would it?

Strategies to Ensure a Successful and Happy Time

1. Take advantage of Disney’s Fast Pass Plus system. Fast Pass Plus allows you to fast passreserve three rides or shows in advance (60 days for Disney hotel guests, 30 days for everyone else). This is a life saver. I recommend that you reserve those that usually have the longest lines and are most meaningful to you. Basically, the thrill rides; Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, 7 Dwarfs Mine Train, etc.

2. Get to the park early. I suggest planning on arriving at the Disney Transportation Center at least 60 minutes before the park opens. Take into account the time it takes to pay for parking, parking and taking the tram to the DTC. This could easily be an additional 30 minutes.

3. Identify Must Do’s. Hopefully, your 3 Fast Pass Plus are designated. Did you identify adisneychecklist1 list of other must do’s? If not be sure to do so. I use this rule of thumb – ask everyone in your party “what is the one can’t miss thing that they want do?” If there are five in your party, then there are five to dos. Note: these must do’s do not to be just rides, parades and restaurants may be on your list. Ensure that you have an achievable list and don’t feel like you need to hit every ride. Because when it’s crowded you won’t. This will great diminish your satisfaction level.

Five must do’s used in combination with Fast Pass Plus and getting to the park early is achievable.

4. Game On. Once the park officially opens be sure to make a straight line for those rides or shows that you have identified as Must Do’s and are not part of your Fast Pass Plus. Somehow, there will already be a line, and said line may already be 15-20 minutes long. Don’t get discouraged. Simply remember the Must Do list and that you will cross this off.

Even on peak days the Magic Kingdom will not become overwhelming until around 11am. If the park opens and 9am and you use the strategy of arriving early you should have a solid two hours to achieve your Must Do list.

5. Play it Smart. So the park is now opened and you are on your way to knocking out a few Must Do’s. Don’t get caught in the early morning time sucks. Avoid these traps when you first get into the park, even if it is your first visit to Disney.


  • Taking professional Disney photos. While a snapshot may seem quick, one snapshot may lead to another and so on costing you approximately an additional 15 minutes.
  • The numerous gift shops along Main Street. I know it is hard to resist. T-shirts, balloons, pins, etc. they act like light to a moth. Be strong and keep your cash in your pocket… For now.
  • Early morning snacks. Again, the line may seem small but it may just end up costing you 15 minutes.

Get your photos taken, snacks eaten, merchandise purchased after a few rides are under your belt.

6. Give Me a Break. Make a plan to eat lunch outside of the Magic Kingdom and give yourself a 3-4 hour park break. Having a reprieve from all the people and long lines will be a breath of fresh air for everyone in your party.

Note: on average it may take 45 minutes to leave the park and drive to a spot to eat. Plus 45 minutes to come back to the park. This is similar if you are staying at a Disney property or not. The exceptions are if you are staying at the Contemporary, Polynesian or Grand Floridian resorts as they are on the monorail line.

I recommend leaving the park for a late lunch around 1pm and returning to the park around 5pm.

7. All that Glitters is Not Just Gold. Even during the busiest of days when the park closes due to capacity there are rides and shows that you will not wait very long for. The reason is the following rides and shows are not the most popular rides. But they are enjoyable and since there tends to be limited lines it will make your time enjoyable.

Basically, if you can mix in your Must Do’s along with some non-thrill rides/shows and other activities, you may be able to hit quit amount of entertainment throughout the day.

Try these limited wait time rides & shows:

  • Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover – usually you can get ride on for thisPeoplemoverPoster relaxing ride, think open air monorail, that takes you through a bird’s eye view of Tomorrowland. Including a special peak into Space Mountain.
  • Carousel of Progress – Most people actually enjoy this hybrid ride/show once it’s over. Located in Tomorrowland the lines tend to be very minimum.
  • Tom Sawyer’s Island – located in Frontierland, this is a fun place to run around and explore. It also let’s everyone blow off some steam as they are moving and climbing and not just waiting around.
  • Country Bear Jamboree – located in Frontierland. Kids do enjoy this decent show, not great. But the best part is that it is air conditioned and that you sit.
  • Hall of Presidents – just think, animatronics were extremely innovative when they were introduced. It is enjoyable to hear from the past presidents. Besides you may learn a thing or two.
  • Enchanted Tiki Room – I am not necessarily recommending this show. I just offer tiki roomthis as an alternative to keep you busy and ensuring that you are accomplishing activities at Disney.
  • Liberty Square Steamboat – located next to the Hall of Presidents, this is a steamboat ride around Frontierland. Very relaxing and seldom crowded.
  • Swiss Family Robinson Tree House – located next to the Jungle Cruise. Trek through a facsimile version of the famous family tree house. A great activity whose walking line is continuously moving.

8. Have Fun, Be Flexible. Having a plan and using these strategies will allow you to claire disneymeander the park, soak in the sights and taste a little of the sweet fare offered in the numerous stands and kiosks.

As you can see there are several things to do when the park is crowded. Using these strategies will not alleviate the mass of people. It will however allow you to have a great time.

Enjoy. It really can be fun, even when crowded to the extreme.

A Holiday Jingle in the Making?

No, not the holiday jingle variety, the annoying commercial type.


I think I always knew that my career path was destined for marketing. At an early age, in addition to playing sports and hanging with friends, I enjoyed watching television commercials and had an eye for product logo and packaging. Still do to this day, though I tend to err on the side of sports logos and design. (I actually spent numerous hours creating mini-posters of many of the 1985 College Football Bowl Games as an early career start). I attribute many of these “skills” to my youth spent watching cartoons and studying the backs of cereal boxes.

bag a bug - best bug catcher around - for japanese beetlesI believe I came up with my first original commercial jingle around age 6 or 7 for the Bag a Bug Japanese Beetle backyard trap. So after my hopes for playing second base for the Chicago Cubs faded at age 16, I moved on to the world of marketing. I never sold my jingle to the makers of Bag a Bug but it got me on the path of marketing, advertising and annoying others with awful jingle jamming.


One of my more memorable jingles was for Ron Popeil’s Pasta Maker. (Seeing a recent Ron Popeil product this weekend led to this post.) A college roommate of mine, we’ll call him GJD, watched an entire Pasta Maker infomercial waiting for that jingle. The jingle never came. He never realized that I was the one who wrote and sung this song so many times that it got stuck in his head. It must have been that good.

Damn right! “When it’s Ron Popeil, I’ll make your pasta fresh today…”

I still work at jamming the jingle and “Slappin’ the bass” but I have moved on to more serious advertisement creation and marketing. I always have an occasional rhythm in the back pocket, goin’ jingle lingle ling. Too bad I was never musically inclined, or it could have been me who wrote the 1-877-Kars for Kids jingle. But I would never have wrote that still freaky “Wheels on the bus” commercial.

Oh, and by the way, I did end up writing and singing a Christmas Jingle on stage in high-school. An original Christmas Chemistry Rap that I performed on stage multiple times. Try that as a 16 year old.

Do you have a passion for fashion? If so, swing on down to Ideal

Here is one of the impressionable jingles and commercials that I still get stuck in my head to this day. I must have watched this commercial over one thousand times during all the Brady Bunch, Woody Woodpecker and Gilligan Island reruns. Catchy jingle, but still trying to figure out why these gals were eating a hot dog in the commercial for a retail store?

5 Lessons Learned from the Grinch

“The three words that describe you are as follow and I quote; stink, stank, stunk.”
-Thurl Ravenscroft, How the Grinch Stole Christmas

1. People are Forgiving. As much as the Grinch tries and is a jerk, as soon as he realizes that Christmas doesn’t come from a store, that perhaps Christmas means a little bit more, he accepts the kindness of strangers and in return they forgive and accept him.

Lesson: no matter if you are wrong or make a mistake, apologize for your error. You most likely be forgiven. Give it a try.

2. You are Stronger Than You Think. The sleigh full of presents were teetering on the brink of collapse, but when the Grinch finally understood the true meaning of Christmas he became determined to save Whos’ Christmas bounty by finding the strength of ten Grinches… plus two.

Lesson: challenge yourself, believe in yourself. If you think it, you can do it. You are stronger than you think you are.

3. Loud Noises are Bothersome. The Whos’ are a festive bunch and are not afraid to show it. They bang on their tong-tinglers, they blow their foo-flounders, they crash jang-jinglers. I think we can all relate that we would all hate this Noise, Noise, Noise, Noise

Lesson: invest in a pair of Bose noise canceling headphones.

4. Talking in Rhyme Makes You More Authoritative. Notice how those around the Grinch pay closer attention when he rhymes? Well, maybe they didn’t have a choice.

Lesson: It’s not hard to do, simply use a different word or two. Just make the words match, if you itch then scratch. Everyone will think your smart and it’s true.

5. It’s Not That Hard to Trick a Who. How does one get away with stealing the entire contents of the house without anyone noticing? Not sure. Then when Cindy Lou Who awakes the Grinch simply tells her that one side of the tree won’t light on one side. And that he is taking the tree to his workshop to fix it up there and bring it back here. I guess if I was no more than two I would agree this may be true. But I still can’t get past that not one Who in town knew he looted them blind.

Lesson: don’t steal, it’s just wrong.

Monday Morning Burn

1. I think if you enjoyed HBO’s True Detective and if you have a 45 minute or more commute, then you may want to give the Serial podcast a listen. Much like True Detective it has only a few episodes so it is not too big of a commitment (True Detective has 10 episodes, Serial has 12). Good story telling about a reporter trying to figure out the murder of a high school student 15 years ago.  Last episode coming up this Thursday.

2. I think I am still annoyed at Beth’s death in the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. Beth’s character really developed over the past two years and I guess everyone has to die sometime in this series.  Just an unfortunate way to go.

3. I think the song Feliz Navidid is overrated. I think I used to like this song but now, it really hurts my ears. Almost as much as the lady with squawk box on the radio.  Hmmm, which is worse the lady singing Wheels on the Bus or Feliz Navidid?

miners4. I think I am happy that the Skylands finally found a baseball team to play ball in Northern NJ. The Sussex County Miners start play in May 2015 in the CanAm league. Name is a good fit (pays homage to local tradition), logo is lame (basic font with some stars). A full write-up once all identity standards are made available.

5. I think I made my mark on the uniform watching public. Little shout out from the Uni-watch blog.  You have to scroll to the bottom in the Grab Bag section, but hey, I’ll take it.

6. I think if you have to drive into NYC on a weekday morning it’s best to leave before 5:30 am. Second trip in in less than two weeks was much quicker. About one hour door to park.

elderly7. I think there have been some great and unusual crossing signs sighted in the past several days. Peacock, more NJ cattle crossing signs, etc. Gotta love the yield for elderly sign, good find by our friend Katie. Never knew that even existed.

8. I think the Black River Barn may be overrated. Good atmosphere, just merely okay food.

9. I think enough is too much with these I can’t breathe t-shirts. I’m all for freedom of speech and I give it up for the early adopters here, but those in the past two days or so are just band wagon jumpers.

10. I think the Cubs are serious contenders for the first time, in about 12 years.

11. I think I have seen some interesting Christmas card photos this year.

Call the Crossing Guard

I have been fortunate to travel across most of the continental 48 states. Along my journeys I have noticed some very interesting things, many of them located along the miles upon miles of highway that I have driven. One of the things I find very unique is the variety of animal crossing signs that I have come across.

We in the northeast expect to see deer crossing, turkey crossing or even the occasional bear crossing signs. I wanted to share some of the interesting animal crossing signs that I have stumbled upon.  My favorite to date include the gator and panther signs found in Florida and armadillo crossing sign found in Texas. I hear there is a Sasquatch crossing sign in Washington state.

I hope to find a lot more on future travels.

armadillobear cow deer duck gator goose panther turkey turtlecool

Match Game ’76: Holiday Special Edition

TV Announcer: “The Grinch was so mean”
Audience: “How mean was he?”
TV Announcer: “The Grinch was so mean that he once very nimbley stuffed all the Who’s presents up the chimbley”

The Holidays are a time for family and friends, and of course binge watching on classic Christmas movies and TV specials.

So come and test your movie and TV special knowledge by playing a very special version of Match Game ’76.  Simply match the movie or TV special. to the correct quote.

movie image

movie quote

Answers: 1I, 2E, 3B, 4H, 5A, 6G, 7C, 8J, 9F, 10D

Tale of the Tape: Talking Snowmen

Another Tuesday, another Tale of the Tape. For today’s TofT we have a guest blogger, Nunu the Orange Bird loving boy who helps opine on who is the best talking snowman.

Talking snowmen is an odd sight, especially if you live south of the Mason Dixon line or bask in the glow of La La Land. However, with success of Frozen, Olaf the snowman has put this chilly cohort back on the Siberian map.

Let’s go to the tape to see who has the biggest carrot nose in this week’s Tale of the Tape: Frosty v. Olaf.

frost v olaf pic

frosty v olaf graph

Heroes in a Half Shell – Tortuga Power

Everyone knows that I am a long suffering Cubs fan. Don’t ask me why, it’s a long story. Anyway, I am writing this post as 1) I love sport team logos and branding identities and 2) I enjoyed watching the Cubs play ball in the high-humidity of a Florida summer.

The Cubs minor league that played in Daytona for 22 years recently announced that they were moving north to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It is believed the team will still be called the Pelicans, which by the way is one of the best team names out there.

So with the Cubs leaving Daytona it left a void in the market. In stepped the Cincinnati Reds. A rebranding effort was necessary since as you can imagine you can’t have a minor league affiliate of the Reds called the Cubs.

cubsFirst some thoughts on the Daytona Cubs identity:
It’s hard for me to be bias here, so I won’t even try. I liked the feisty looking, surfer type, Cubbie bear that “bears” (no pun intended) resemblance to the parent clubs logo.




What is a Tortuga?
It’s Spanish for turtle. The Dry Tortugas are also a series of islands off of the Florida Keys, but that’s not what we are going for here.

My initial impression was that the changes did a decent job conveying the locale of eastern Florida where sea turtles swim aplenty. I always enjoy seeing a professional sports team play to the local market conditions. Examples: Miami Dolphins, Houston Astros, Phoenix Suns, etc. And hey, since there are not many turtles in sports, sans the Maryland Terrapins, then I am even more for it.

snappersHowever, it got me thinking, isn’t there a similar type of minor league baseball logo that already exists? So I reached back, deep into my mess of a filing cabinet mind and recall that why yes there is. They are the Beloit Snappers, a minor league affiliate of the Oakland Athletics.

Ok, so my second initial reaction was mixed, this is not necessary an original use of a turtle in sports, but I do credit for not them for calling them turtles or snappers or terrapins. And extra credit for being multilingual and using Tortugas as the team’s moniker.  Remember Tortuga = Spanish for turtle.
Let’s break it down.

B-. I think I like the name Tortugas. However, it just doesn’t roll of off the tongue as other minor league nicknames, such as Buffalo Bisons, Lansing Lugnuts or Peoria Chiefs.



C+. Nothing creative here. I would speculate that if you asked 100 people to conceptualize their version of what a Tortugas (turtle) logo would look like, that 99% would have a similar looking design. Additionally, the color schematic works with the blue and sea green, however no major creativity.

As you can see the turtle is swinging a bat, under sea mind you, but so is the Benoit Snappers turtle.



C-. The on-field green cap doesn’t really do it for me. Rarely do you ever see anyone wearing a green hat on the street the way that you do with a blue or black hat. Perhaps you may notice a Seattle Mariners green cap around town, but Daytona’s version is really disappointing. The Tortugas also have a batting practice hat that I had some hope for, but they failed here as well. The baby blue cap simply reminds one of a childs cap one would find in the souvenir stand.


shirtMisc. Merchandise

C-. Limited to only three offerings, a blue t-shirt, a green t-shirt and a white novelty hat. With the holiday season here, the Tortugas missed a great opportunity to get their brand noticed. Click here to view their full selection.





C. I understand that there was an accelerated time frame in which to conceptualize the team name, branding efforts, color and logo treatment and then implement on jersey and hat prototypes. Not to mention produce actual goods for their merchandise sales. But I do feel that this is not an excuse. You very rarely have an opportunity to rebrand, and when you do you need to make it count. Very disappointing indeed as this is a far, far cry from the strong Cubs brand identity that had been present for over 20 years in Daytona.

Salvation Army Donation Etiquette

Jingle, Jangle, Jingle for the po’
And once you get your welfare check
Yo kiss my mistletoe
Ho Ho Ho
Ho Ho Ho

-Xmas Rap, by Treacherous Three

The Holidays are a time for giving. I truly believe this. Help those in need to make their holiday season a little better. I hope we can all agree on this.

There are times when you may be thinking, “Enough is too much” (thanks to Father Owl from the I Love to Singa cartoon for that phrase), as there are simply more needy charitable organizations than paper bills in your wallet.

Today’s post will try to help save some sanity when it comes to donating for one very noticeable holiday charitable organization, the Salvation Army.

Salvation Army volunteers and their recognizable red kettles stand outside retail stores during November and December ringing bells, sometimes playing recorded carols on an outdated and shoddy radio, to passerbys to spur up donations. These red kettles seem to be at multiple stores in your town and when you’re running numerous holiday errands they just seem to be everywhere.

On your first approach seeing the Salvation Army kettle you hand a dollar or some loose change, but by the 186th time seeing the bell ringer and having no change in your pocket your entry/exit strategy does change.

Here are some tips to help you navigate the red kettle blues that you may experience this holiday season.

I’ve Got a Little Change in My Pocket Going Jingle Lingle Ling
Feeling generous? Use these tips to maximize your donation appeal.

Generous Jackson– if by chance you have a $20 note burning a hole in your pocket, wait until one or two days before Christmas to donate. This will give you full holiday happiness to both you and the volunteer. (Called the Generous Jackson since the $20 features President Jackson on the front of the bill.)

Tip: Act like George Costanza and make sure that the volunteer clearly sees that you are donating large to the cause. Anything less may leave you with a big ‘ole cherry pit in your stomach.

High Five – identify how many $5 that you are willing to cough up by the first week of December, then use this formula: one five for every week before Christmas. So for example, you feel like donating $15 (that would be 3 five dollar bills), you would begin to donate one $5 bill starting the week of December 8th.

Tip: it is advisable to avoid the $5 strategy. Either go large with the $20 donation or the several singe technique.

Several Singles – never throw a wad of singles into the kettle, instead maximize their length by donating one single at a time. This will ensure maximum happiness as you will be donating as long as the singles allow.

Tip: to avoid bankruptcy be sure to carry less than $10 in singles. If you have over $50 in singles, 1) you are crazy and 2) it becomes way to easy to donate your life savings.

Loosey Goosey Change – throw your change into the kettle liberally.

Tip: be sure to make a wish as if you were throwing pennies into a wishing well. Santa is always watching and listening and you may just end up with the giant red bow wrapped around a Lexus come the morn of December 25th.

Empty Pockets
If you have no money and you don’t want to have that awkward moment when you feel the Salvation Army volunteer judging you for not donating use these tips to feel guilt free.

Store with only one door in and one door out – this is the most dreaded scenario, but no worries, remain calm and remember your lesson young Padawan.

  • Entering: simply accelerate your walking pace to something short of a light jog, eyes on the ground to avoid all eye contact.
  • Exiting: maintain the same fast pace but this time, place your line of sight in between the volunteer’s eyes and the ground and above the sound of a soft whisper wish the volunteer a Happy Holiday.

Tip: don’t ever think that throwing coupons or used candy wrappers in the kettle is acceptable.

Store with two separate entryways – scope out which door the volunteer is working and simply use the other door. No need to increase your pace or have a hanging head. Do your business as usual.

Tip: be sure to glance at the other entry way and judge those that you notice are not donating to the red kettle.
So there you have it, a quick holiday donation guide to help you avoid bankruptcy this season!

Need more Holiday Etiquette? Check out this post on Christmas Card Etiquette.