Good Morrow

Well, I took inspiration from Emily the Amazing and decided to once again kick-start a blog.  I guess this is a better approach than always conversing with those odd voices in my head, just kidding (sort of).  The good news is that at least I don’t talk to myself out loud, I prefer to lip sync my conversations.  It drives my wife crazy, but it does make for a quite car ride.  And as we all know, silence is a virtue in the car.

I assume you are wondering what’s the deal with the blog name, so am I.  In all seriousness, I don’t think squirrels hate me, they tend to be quite cordial when scurrying in my yard and are kind enough to leave many a peach pits for me to find.  In fact, I find the squirrel to be my favorite of all rodents, even ahead of the beaver.

The name Squirrels Hate Me comes from my little girl.  I asked her a few months back to tell me something that I didn’t already know (hoping to foster discussion on her day in kindergarten).  She quickly replied “squirrels hate you.”  So the quip stuck around and now I understand that Squirrels Hate Me with one thousand exclamation points.

Ah, the wisdom of youth.  She may be on to something.  Perhaps squirrels do hate me, perhaps I should consider moving up the beaver to my favorite rodent species?

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the random thoughts, top lists and tidbits that I find interesting.


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