Life is like the Brady Bunch, just with a few more F-bombs

The Brady Bunch has always been one of my favorite shows.  It spawned many a first for me, first favorite show, first TV crush (gotta love Marcia; crush was quickly followed by Samantha Micelli & Kelly Kapowski) and first knowledge of Fringe Benefits (no, not friends with benefits, but fringe benefits, the kind that Greg didn’t care about when he got the job working for Sam in the butcher shop).

I always admired this mash-up of a family. it wasn’t just because they got to visit great places like Hawaii, the Grand Canyon and Kings Island amusement park, it was more that they seemed very, very, very happy and for some strange reason things just worked out for them.  Life must have been simpler in the ’70’s.

I envisioned my life to be of similar consequence, wake up, get into some zany adventure and have the problem solved – all within twenty two minutes. Stay tuned Chico & the Man is coming up next.

Although my wife reminds me much of Carol Brady, both are giddy, like to read in bed and detest cooking and cleaning – I never felt that I had the Brady Bunch life. (I never noticed a swear jar in the Brady’s kitchen. Ok, that only lasted a few weeks in my house, just because we couldn’t afford the future deposits.)  The Brady’s always seemed very, very, very happy and things just worked out.

I have come to realize that maybe we all have more in common with the Brady Bunch than I originally thought. Like the curtain being pulled back on Oz, the Brady’s weren’t this perfect family.  Marcia ended up in rehab, Greg & Carol dated, and I am not positive on those Cindy rumors. The Brady family ended with much more dysfunction than the Simpson’s or even, quite possibly the Griffin’s.

Wow, I do have it pretty good. Things do have a way of working out, just like the Brady’s, but with a little more #$%* on the side (but hey there was no cable TV back then so who knows). It probably also is that our adventures last much longer than 22 minutes.


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