Two Great Things That Taste Great Together

Like peanut butter & chocolate, pumpkin & ice cream and rice & beans, some things were meant to be.  However nothing goes together better than beer and baseball, its just a natural fit.  A cold beer at game in the summer is one of my favorite things, especially if  my son Eric (aka NuNu) is chilling by my side.

I know I am getting a little too excited, but wait there’s more.  I especially enjoy baseball team logos and uniforms. I love the anticipation when teams change their logos each year, like last year’s Blue Jays (love it) or Marlins (like it).  I also love when minor league teams update their logos or move from town to town. (If you think I’m fanatical, check out uni-watch) I am now also revealing in the fact that Nu is enjoying this trend as well.  My obsession, to say it mildly, must have originated from collecting baseball cards as a kid in the early ’80’s and not only studying the stats on the back of the cards but looking at the team uniforms on the front; those Cubbie and Phillie powder blues were just a thing of beauty, my version of looking at a Renoir or Rembrandt.

So just the other day it was announced that a new minor league team would be named after one of the four ingredients of beer, hops.

Welcome to the world Hillsboro Hops.  Trifecta – beer, baseball & logos.  Oh what a day.


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