Like NBC’s Animal Practice this Dinner is Cancelled

Every other month me and a few former C21 colleagues like to get together to catch-up and reminisce about the golden days (pun intended). It seems that it takes several postponements and reschedules until the event happens, typically at Arthur’s Tavern in Morris Plains.

Tonight we were scheduled to meet up. Since there was only one reschedule dinner since our last dinner we all knew the inevitable, another cancellation. It felt like a layup when I called it to my wife last night.

Trying to be witty and taking a lesson from last night’s episode of The Office, I reached out early in the morning to do a C21 roll call, hoping it would excite and entice to attend.  Didn’t work so well.

Here is how the cancellations unfolded through a series of back and forth emails. Keep in mind that several colleagues are un-creative and simply said “I’m out” and have been omitted from this dialogue.

My name is Jay
And I’m the best
Goin’ to dinner
How ‘bout the rest?

My Name is Gil
Count me in
if we can’t make it
would be a Sin.

My name is Keith
I am a flake
That dinner tonight
I cannot make

Because of Pete
This dinner’s done
We’ll reschedule
For old C21 fun

And there you have it.  Fun limericks to cancel by.


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