Monday Morning Burn

Things I’m Thinking over the fantastic fall weather this weekend:

1. I think fall flavors are the best of any season. Fresh apple cider, cider doughnuts and pumpkin ice cream beat the pants off any Spring Roll.

2. I think Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin is going to take over the number one spot on my favorite beer list by slightly edging Sam’s Ocktoberfest.

3. I think I prefer talking with my mother during the day then at night.

4. I think I hate the day before a flight. I have forgotten at least one item on my past 3 trips; socks, toothpaste, contact lens case. Nothing like finding a store that sells the odd items I need at 10pm after I check-in.

5. I think I am excited for Game 7 Giants v. Cardinals. Cards won last year so root for the orange & black this year.

6. I think Justin Verlander is the nastiest pitcher in the past 10 years.

7. I think it was too bad the Buccaneers lost to the Saints yesterday. Those creamsicle uniforms are amazing.

8. I think I love the Monday after the Jets lose.

9. I think Penn State put a whoop down on Iowa on Saturday. Big game coming up against the Buckeyes.

10. I think Boardwalk Empire’s Gyp Rosetti is one strange guy.

11. I think the Walking Dead is one of the best shows on TV. 10 million others can’t be wrong.

12. I think I enjoy the annual Make a Difference Day in Roxbury. It’s great to help the community and I love spending time with my eldest. Great job Emcat!

13. I think nothing beats the pure joy of a 6 year old scoring her first goal in soccer. Congrats Claire!


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