Monday Morning Burn

“There’s no earthly way of knowing, which direction the wind is blowing.  Is it raining, is it snowing, is a hurricane a blowing.” – Willy Wonka

Thoughts for a hurricane morning.

1. I think that people are insane when shopping before a natural event. Mothers shoving babies, only canned liverwurst on the shelves. You are not preparing for a nuclear winter. Stores will close a day, two at most. Relax.

2. I think I appreciate my office being closed for the hurricane. Who knows how many trees will fall on Route 10.

3. I think I’m glad Taylor Swift broke up with her 18 Kennedy boy toy. That was very creepy.

4. I think American Reunion is one of the worst movies ever.

5. I think the Detroit Tigers were awful, congrats San Fran. Where was the Triple Crown winner? MVP my ass.

6. I think it is a good Monday. Miami crushed the New York Jerks.

7. I think it is always a good time at the DiDom Spooktacular. What was the deal with FrankenElvis crying over not winning best dressed?

8. I think the new Mumford & Sons cd Balbel is a must listen.

9. I think the new Dave Matthews Band cd “Away from the World,” is not his best effort.

10.I think Disney without your family is just a big amusement park.

11.I think I still spent too much on Disney souvenirs for the family.


One thought on “Monday Morning Burn

  1. 12. M&M’s newest flavor, Raspberry with dark chocolate, is by far the best flavor combo ever…. So good, I’ll be feeling sick soon…..

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