Hurricane Sandy Update

Fact: 83% of Roxbury residents are without power.
Fiction: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.
Fact: Morris County has canceled Tricks and Treats on Halloween.
Fiction: M&M’s newest flavor, Raspberry with dark chocolate, is by far the best flavor combo ever (Wrong: Peanut M&M’s is the only flavor)

Hurricane Sandy has mostly come and gone. The majority of Roxbury residents are without power, however we are fortunate that our is one of those with power. The winds were extremely strong and knocked over several trees around our house.  I do feel bad for those between Cape May and Atlantic City.  The shore areas did get hit hard by the storm surge.

Perhaps we all needed this nifty item to help us weather the storm.

The kids now have a little more time to decide what they will dress up for Halloween as Morris County decided to postpone Trick or Treating to another day. I would assume this annual cavity fest will be moved to either Friday or Saturday night.  Claire will be dressing as a Candy Corn witch (a costume once worn by Em), Nu will be dressing as the Florida Orange Bird and Em is still undecided (I suggest crazy teen).

I do think that I am losing my mind. Not from being in the house the past 72 hours, but the hurricane news coverage is just over the top. The news people just go on and on.  I know now how my wife feels when listening to sports talk radio with me.  I have switched to Telemundo’s coverage as I am hoping to learn a few new words and phrases.

In all seriousness, stay warm and safe. And be one the lookout for a place to store your orange juice or butter.

Other famous Sandy’s to enjoy:


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