Welcome Great Pumpkin

Happy Halloween to all.

Update: Tricks & Treats has been postpone NJ.  Jersey’s Governor is encouraging Trick or Treating for Monday, November 4th, but do check with your respective towns for their specific date.

Even though Trick or Treating has been postponed for tonight it should not take away the fact that today is still Halloween and the Great Pumpkin will still be on his way to deliver presents to good little girls and boys.  So get out your old costumes from the closet and feel free to parade around your house celebrating the holiday of the occult.  Then be sure to watch the classic “It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” with a cup of hot, mulled cider and some fried Cherrios.

One of my earliest Halloween costumes, circa 1977

A few Do’s & Don’ts for Tricking or Treating.

Do: Give out quality name brand candy such as Snickers, M&M’s, Reese’s
Don’t: Give out fruit of any kind – it will be smashed on your front porch
Do: Acknowledge the Trick or Treater and quickly give them a piece or two of candy (see point one above)
Don’t: Try to have a lengthy discussion with a Treater
Do: Give candy to an older teenager even if they are not in costume
Don’t: Leave your house and place a bowl of candy on the front porch with a sign that reads “Please take one”
Do: Stop at houses that are have lights on in the neighborhood
Don’t: Ring the doorbell for five minutes waiting for someone to answer – you will be wasting valuable time
Do: Be polite when Treating
Don’t: Take only one piece of candy if the host is offering you more
Do: Use a pillow case or other sturdy bag to hold candy
Don’t: Use a plastic grocery store bag – they will rip midway through your candy-a-thon spilling in the darkness of your neighbor’s yard, no one will wait while you pick them up
Do: Spook middle school boys
Don’t: Scare babies
Do: Indulge on your treasure
Don’t: Over Augustus Gloop it

In order to properly prepare for the candy fest, make sure you watch the below instruction guide on how to trade your Halloween candy.


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