Houston, we have a logo

Last night the Houston Astros unveiled a new logo, color scheme and uniform set for the upcoming 2013 season and their switch from the National League to the American League.

The key phrase for the change was “What’s old is new again.”  Houston went back into their vaults, much like what the Toronto Blue Jays did earlier in the year, and updated the classic look from their 1980’s uniforms.

The new Astros look, is traditional and modern and is a tremendous update from their quasi-futurama look.  The Astros will bring back orange caps and jerseys for an alternate style and will have to compete against the Miami Marlins orange bird look for the affection of teenage boys.  I think both the Astros orange and blue/orange hat will be successful in terms of sales.  It will be interesting if the Marlins orange caps continue to sell well in 2013 and if any of the new Astros caps will be worn around town.

I do think the Astros will look great if the wear their orange on more than just a few occasions.  The Marlins made a mistake by not wearing their orange bird hats and uniforms more often in 2012.

The Astros also play homeage to the past by incorporating their Tequila Sunrise look from the early ’80’s to the side panels of their batting practice jersey. This is a great touch but would have been even better if they would have fully incorporated the Rainbow Brite approach.

New batting practice jersey incorporating the Tequila Sunrise look (right photo) to the side panels

Overall, I give the Astros an A- on their update and look forward to seeing them live in action.  The new merchandise is already on sale at the Astros online store. So get your Christmas shopping down early.

History of the Houston Astros logos


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