Monday Morning Burn

1. I think four years is enough to make a mark and propel the country forward, if by four years you have yet to do anything and are still blaming others, well then there needs to be a change.

2. I think I finally saw some good use of Facebook during the hurricane. Rather than parents just bragging about their sons & daughters sports achievements and divorced women updating their profile pictures daily in hopes of garnering attention, friends were genuinely concerned for friends and looking for word of everyone’s status.

3. I think every kid is ready to get back to school, a first time this has happened.

4. I think there is something to be said for routine.

5. I think it was nice to see good samaritians that were offering free coffee and doughnuts to those waiting in line for hours at the Ledgewood Hess gas station on Saturday morning.

6. I think Notre Dame is incredibly lucky. It also helps to have the calls continually go your way.

7. I think the NFL has really diluted its product with the weekly Thursday night football games. Not only are the teams awful that have been playing its just too much. I will stick with Saturday – Monday games. More than enough for my wife.

8. I think I may have to investigate the purchase of an iPad mini. Not sure why the house would need another device with an already stocked technology department including an iPad, 2 nooks and multiple iPods. Tablets are just cool.

9. I think I don’t know what to think of the upcoming Nor’easter. Give us a break.

10. I think I can’t wait to take the kids (ok, me) to see Wreck it Ralph. I always loved Q*bert, the hybrid Snork, kangaroo, basketball hero of the game. Fact: the orignial titles for the Q*bert video game were Cubes and Snots & Boogers (Yuk).

11. I think that I can’t wait until 2015 for the next Star Wars film.

12. I think I appreciate Norstrom’s remark that they will not decorate their stores for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, saying “Well, we just like the idea of celebrating one holiday at a time. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.”

13. I think I find it interesting that the benefit concert for Katrina doubled the dollars raised versus the benefit concert for Sandy ($50m v. $23m).

14. I think I really liked the Redskins throwback uniforms yesterday.

15. I think that was one intense episode of the Walking Dead. If you have not yet started to watch this show, begin NOW.

16. I think squirrels may hate me, but they sure love my pumpkins in the yard.


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