The NBA Must Be Colorblind

The NBA just announced its Big Color uniforms for the 10 teams playing on Christmas day.  There is only one word to describe these outfits, awful. I am not quite sure how these uniforms create that holiday spirit or the enhanced look that the NBA is going for.

The NBA is most likely hoping for an increase in jersey sales, but since these uniforms are so ugly I am quite sure sales should tank. Perhaps I can tolerate the Heat jersey as it is not much of a stretch from their current design, however the rest simply look boring.

Just what we want our holiday memories to be, boring.  Great job NBA, just kidding.

The 10 teams featured in these new monochromatic schemes by Xmas day match-up are below. Or you can place your order today at to ensure prompt delivery before the “Big Color” game.

Oklahoma City Thunder v. Miami Heat

Utah Jazz v. Indiana Pacers

Boston Celtics v. Brooklyn Nets

New York Knicks v. Los Angeles Lakers

Chicago Bulls v. Houston Rockets


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