Monday Morning Burn

1. I think the panic of no more Twinkies and Ding Dongs is extremely funny. Only in the United States of Obesity will someone pay $5,000 for one Twinkie as on sale at Ebay.

2. I think there is no need to pay extra for fancy tomato soup. The classic Campbell’s is still the best tasting and best for your money.

3. I think I had a great time with my teenage daughter over dinner and dessert this weekend. Nice to spend some quality time with such an amazing girl. Glad she is starting to like sushi. Glad she also likes pumpkin ice cream. Now if I can get her into chocolate jimmies.

4 I think I had a great time with my youngest at the movies this weekend. I think she may be warming to her old man. Very, very, very slowly. Although a large bag of buttered popcorn does help the effort.

5. I think Wreck It Ralph was as good as I expected. Fast paced, funny and a few good scenes with Q*bert (not sure if he is cursing or just talking trash). Though too many commercials and previews prior to the movie, nearly 30 minutes worth.

6. I think it’s way too early for the 24 hour Christmas music stations on the radio.

7. I think Phillip Phillips song “Home” is stuck in my head. The cd is a pretty good listen.

8. I think the new vegetable shelves at ShopRite are awful. Pick one drop five.

9. I think nothing beats a new chain on my chainsaw. Cuts like butter. And so much fun.

10. I think it’s a sad day when we are looking at the fact that Notre Dame might play in the NCAA national championship game. Thanks a lot Kansas State and Oregon.

11. I think it may be time to put the Cubs and Dolphins on notice. It’s been 10 suck-ass years since either played quality ball. Any suggestions? Perhaps the Phillies now that they have the best third base coach Ryne Sandberg.

12. I think my alum Bloomsburg had a good run this year. Too early of an exit in the playoffs for a team that was once ranked #5 in the nation. Great job by Division II’s best place holder!

13. I think it should be a great Thanksgiving this year.


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