Surviving Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great time of year.  You can enjoy the holiday with the 3 F’s: family, friends and football.  However there are annoyances that can ruin your holiday and stressing over the crowds on Black Friday can just put you over the edge.

So I wanted to provide you with a little treat to make the next few days more relaxing and to help prepare you for any shopping that you may have. Today’s Surviving Thanksgiving features the essential Do’s & Don’ts and tomorrow’s Surviving Black Friday provides tips and techniques from my sister-in-law, the Mother of Farrell.

Thanksgiving Do’s & Don’ts

Do: be thankful for your family
Don’t: refer to yourself as a master baster
Do: enjoy a few cocktails
Don’t: hit on your in-laws
Do: wear pajama jeans to help your expanding waist
Don’t: place the turkey on your head and dance around like Joey Tribbani (watch the classic clip)
Do: serve a traditional turkey meal with all the trimmings
Don’t: serve anything with marshmallow baked in (marshmallows in deserts are acceptable)
Do: watch the Macy’s Parade
Don’t: stick balloons in your pants and walk around your neighborhood acting like an inflated Charlie Brown
Do: enjoy a good time with your friends and family
Don’t: overstay your welcome, unless a spot on the master bedroom floor opens up
Do: root for the Patriots
Don’t: root for the Jets
Do: use your smart phone at the table if the person you’re sitting next is a bore
Don’t: use your smart phone as an utensil, unless of course you are using it to eat Jell-o
Do: bring your Christmas wish list to hand out at the Thanksgiving table, this will help foster lot’s of discussion
Don’t: accept someone else’s list
Do: help clean the dishes
Don’t: steal any of the hosts china or utensils, soap is acceptable


3 thoughts on “Surviving Thanksgiving

  1. Do: Thank your wife for preparing a delicious Thanksgiving meal with a broken oven.
    Don’t: Poke said wife in the stomach and laugh like the Pillsbury Doughboy. Ever.

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