Monday Morning Burn

1. I think Cliff’s pumpkin ice cream pie was a good as advertised. Order now for next Thanksgiving.

2. I think it was nice spending some Thanksgiving time in Pennsylvania this year. First time in 15 years.

3. I think it’s just my luck that the oven died one day before cooking the Thanksgiving meal. Great job by my wife to improvise.

4. I think I am still confused on how the marshmallow made it to the Thanksgiving table. Not sure the Pilgrims and Indians shared a feast of marshmallows. Turkey, corn and cranberries I get but marshmallows?

5. I think I may post my Holiday Playlist this Friday. Perhaps a lucky few will win the playlist on a cd.

6. I think Penn State impressed many a people this football season. It was nice to see that running back Zack Zwinak gained 1,000 yards compared to Silas Redd’s 817 who transferred to USC. How’d that transfer work out for you Silas?

7. I think that the Dolphins may not suck as bad as I thought. They still stink though. I am looking forward to their revised logo set to be released in early 2013. Just after the holiday shopping season.

8. I think we are all excited to try Christmas Crunch cereal this year. Can’t wait to see what the Cap’n has in store. It should be much better than Chocolate Lucky Charms. Thanks for letting us down Lucky the Leprechaun.

9. I think I liked the movie Moneyball. Finally saw it after a year and a half on free Starz weekend. Good movie, not great. The book is much better.

10. I think it’s exciting that the annual Holiday TV shows have kicked off. Started watching early this year with Frosty the Snowman on CBS Saturday evening.


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