Hungry? Grab a MiLB logo

I was recently amazed at how many minor league baseball team logos feature a food product.  There are several teams that use a vegetable, nut, condiment or other food item in either their primary or secondary logos.  Note: I am not counting any team mascot/logo that just features an animal mascot. Yes, this is the vegetarian logo review, except for one which is for a cut of meat.

By a quick count, I noticed nine logos that feature an edible item, just in minor league baseball alone.  I am not sure how many more food logos exist beyond MiLB.

I do like this trend, it certainly brings more characters to our dinner tables.

Cedar Rapids Kernels
Primary Logo
Food Item: Corn
MLB Affiliate: Minnesota Twins

Fort Wayne Tin Caps
Primary Logo
Food Item: Apple
MLB Affiliate: San Diego Padres

Jamestown Jammers
Primary Logo
Food Item: Bunch of Grapes, specifically for Grape Jam
MLB Affiliate: Pittsburgh Pirates

Kansas City T-Bones
Primary Logo
Food Item: T-Bone Steak
MLB Affiliate: Independent

Modesto Nuts
Primary Logo
Food Item: Walnut & Almond
MLB Affiliate: Colorado Rockies

Montgomery Biscuits
Alternate Logo
Food Item: Buttery Biscuit
MLB Affiliate: Tampa Bay Rays

Normal CornBelters
Primary Logo
Food Item: Corn
MLB Affiliate: Independant

Stockton Ports
Alternate Logo
Food Item: Asparagus
MLB Affiliate: Oakland A’s

Willmington Blue Rocks
Alternate Logo
Food Item: Celery
MLB Affiliate: Kansas City Royals

My favorite? Montgomery Biscuits and then the Modesto Nuts.  Who would have thought of a pat of butter in a logo.  And I love that Almond in the Nuts logo, goes w/the Squirrel theme.

Least favorite? The Blue Rocks of course.  I hate celery.  So much so that that it is banned in my house.

hungry thing

Now after all of these logos don’t you just feel like the Hungry Thing? (a childhood classic book by the way).


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