Have A Very Marie Christmas


Today, I along with with many of my cousins will be missing a holiday celebration to honor my Aunt. Unfortunately my Aunt Marie will be unable to participate in Christmas Day festivities this year as she recovers from a surgery. To help spread some good cheer my extended family is having an early celebration that she will be able to enjoy.

The timing doesn’t work well for me and many of my cousins as over time our geography has stretched the country and it is too difficult to come in for the event. We all now reside in many locales far from the Northampton & Lehigh County area that we grew up in,  areas such as: Philadelphia, Northern New Jersey, Washington D.C. / Northern Virginia and San Francisco. While we may not be physically at today’s gathering we are surely all there in spirit. Christmas Spirit that is. So in honor of my Aunt, we have come together to on pass our best wishes and remember some of our fondest memories of Marie.

We wish we could all be there! Have a great day!

My fondest memory of Marie is wedding dress shopping and having Marie help decide on the most beautiful wedding dress!

Since it’s the season for giving I actually have two fond Holiday memories of Marie and my Uncle Donny.

• My Uncle Donny started a tradition over 20 years ago that is still alive and kicking today. He started the tradition of giving instant scratch-off lottery tickets as Xmas gifts. There was such a fever over winning that everyone just had to participate. But the evening wasn’t over with just one round of scratch-offs. Nope, it was the event of going back to the store to claim winning tickets and getting more tickets and then going back to the store for more, and more and more until the exhaustion point was reached. No one ever won more than a few dollars (I believe $25 was the biggest prize) but the hysteria that ensued was always a blast. Even today at most family gatherings lottery tickets play a part of the day.

• Unfortunately no video exists for this incident. Marie took the offer of a couple of bucks to slurp a plate of lime Jell-O. Not the best sight but she cleaned that plate in a disgusting manner and came away with heavier pockets. Perhaps one of the best Xmas gifts ever.

One of my favorite memories was visiting Marie in her classroom. I was in third grade, just like her class. Her kids loved the Shel Silverstein book Where the Sidewalk Ends. Marie took the book out and hammed it up with the class. The class was as just as into and she was and they even knew parts of that book by heart.

It took me quite quite a while to come up with something; not for want of a memory, or infrequent acquaintance. It’s simply hard to summon up with a handful of words to describe your relationship with someone, especially one so present through all of your life. As I sit here, watching Apple eat his dinner–oblivious to the gravity of the situation I mull over–it’s clear that I can’t choose a single time or event, but for her love of her dogs. As time goes by I know that I’ll have been that much the more complete for having him in my life. I’m reminded of all her companions now past, and think of the smiles they’ve brought to us–much less the joy of the daily homecoming, shared only between companion and keeper. I’d like everyone to honor her commitment and love for other souls, human or otherwise.

My fondest memories are having Marie sitting at the my grandmother’s kitchen table in Northampton and watch as I played Scrabble. I also loved when she would drive me to school in the morning during the times when my parents were on vacation.

Marie is such a loving and caring person and I have so many great memories during our family gatherings. There are simply so many memories of Marie that it is impossible to highlight just one.

I loved visiting Marie so that I could lie in her TempurPedic bed. I would move that baby up and down as I watched TV.

Have a very, merry Christmas Marie!

Marie 2

A Very Special Christmas Card From Claire


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