Monday Morning Burn

1. I think it is sad to think about the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. Not quite sure what would lead a person to act so selfishly and ruin the lives of so many. With the events in Aurora, CO, Portland, OR and now Newton, CT let’s move past talk of gun control and more to talk of mental illness.

2. I think the Christmas Card Etiquette post garnered some good reviews. Glad you enjoyed.

3. I think I spent too much time cleaning up all the light bulbs that I knocked over at ShopRite. Boom, there goes the whole display. Why did the put the temporary stand so close to the edge.

4. I think I appreciated the help of one kind Roxbury citizen in assisting me in the clean-up. Sorry ShopRite only about half of the lights were smashed. Clean up in aisle 2.

5. I think the college football bowl games came on to quick. I didn’t get a chance to make my confidence picks this year. I tend to do very well picking the college games and was the big winner in last year’s pool. Oh well. Although, come to think of it, my picks don’t fare that well whenever I am in Vegas.

6. I think the Roxbury orchestra concert this past week was fantastic. This town has two of the best violin and cello players around. Great job Em & Nu.

7. I think we all know Hollywood lacks creativity in creating new movies and TV shows But they can’t even think of creative TV show titles. Why does every other show have “Wars” in the them? Wonder why society is violent? Storage Wars, Shipping Wars, Cupcake Wars, Parking Wars, Design Wars, Bartender Wars, Whisker Wars, Wedding Wars are just a few.

8. I think I am interested in seeing a Star Wars / Storage Wars mash-up.

9. I think it is always an enjoyable evening watching Elf with the family. What a great movie.

10. I think I am not sure why the song Do You Hear What I Hear instructs those to bring silver and gold for the child shivering in the cold. Wouldn’t a blanket be a better choice?

11. I think I have not seen the Fat Albert Christmas Special on TV in years. Hey, Hey, Hey, has anyone seen this lately?

12. Speaking of long lost Christmas Specials, where has the Very Brady Christmas special been? Hmm, I smell a new post for this week.

13. I think there are only eight more shopping days until Christmas. Not to stress you out or anything.


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