This is 40

The movie This is 40, starring Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann opens today.  This Judd Apatow written & directed movie is getting some good reviews (75%  by Rotten Tomatoes) and it is definitely one that I want to see.   The movie centers around a couple going on 40 and the trials and tribulations of life that they go through.  How appropriate since I just turned 40 myself.

I find Paul Rudd funny but it’s his every many persona that makes him a good modern day star.  Rudd has played some great characters in Anchorman, The 40 Year Old Virgin but his best roles were Roles Models and I Love You Man.

Let’s not have Rudd get us in a rut though.  It’s Leslie Mann that I am sure will steal the show.  I’ve been sweet on Mann since I first saw her in George of the Jungle and She’ the One back from the mid-90’s.  She’s attractive and has a great personality and charm that always lights up the screen.

So in honor of This is 40, and all  those soccer moms out there who feel they may have lost their mojo, I present my top list of sexy ladies over 40. Enjoy.

Leslie Mann

Savannah Guthrie

Julie Bowen

Shania Twain

Naomi Watts

Kristen Davis

Alyssa Milano


4 thoughts on “This is 40

  1. Love this! & I still have my halloween ribbon that proves I’m sexy hanging on my fridge!! (yes, it was the highlight of my year!Lol!)

  2. Kate…i’m sure you would have made the list, but you’re not yet 40… Which is also why i’m assuming his wife did not make this list!

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