Monday Morning Burn

1. I think the Barclays Center in Brooklyn is a great venue. Good seats, good beer, good time. Mediocre team.

2. I think I impressed myself this past week by hitting the century mark at the gym. From my perspective I have 200 possible days to workout (4 days/week x 50 weeks), subtract many days out of that number for travel and I am about at 65-70% of total available work out days. Not … too… shabby.

3. I think the recent NRA statement of armed officers with semi-assault weapons guarding schools as the answer to gun control is ludicrous. I am all for the right to bear arms Amendment, but to have this drivel, insensitive statement reeks of desperation. Although Marlboro Township in New Jersey seems to agree with the NRA as they will have armed guards at school beginning in January.

4. I think it’s great to outlive the Mayan calendar. December 21 came and went without any issue.

5. I think the Denver Broncos look unstoppable. Peyton’s on fire and that defense is stacked.

6. I think I already received some good mustard and it’s not even Xmas yet. Does my enjoyment of mustard and beer make me odd? Does is make me more German?

7. I think I am not looking forward to be woken up at 4am tomorrow. Already received a 3:30am practice run this morning. Ah the youthful excitement.

8. I think Santa Claus is coming. “I know him.”


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