5 Summer Beers You Must Try Before Labor Day

Two weeks remain until the unofficial close of the summer season, leaving you with just enough time to sample some of the best seasonal brews before the weather turns crisp and the ales turn to porters. So put down your Coronas, Landsharks and Bud Light Lime and get ready to tease your palette.

5. Samuel Adams, Bostonsam summer
Summer Ale

I know, call me a sellout. But hey, this is the first summer seasonal that I buy every year. Sam’s summer ale has been a staple of mine for many years. Bonus: Sam introduced Summer Ale in cans in 2013.

pennant ale4. Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn  
Pennant Ale ‘55

Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Pennant Ale. Although this beer is available year round it is definitely more appropriate during the pennant race.

3. Tie: Samuel Adams , Bostonblueberry ale
Blueberry Hill Lager

Crisp, unfiltered and fruity. This beer is available in the summer seasonal pack and nowhere else. Not to be confused with Sam’s Blackberry Wheitbeer.

bluerry belch

3. Tie: Bethlehem Brew Works, Bethlehem, PA
Blueberry Belch

Light and fruity and contrary to the name, it goes down easy and stays down.

2. Kona, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii’s Big Islandlongboard
Longboard Ale

Nothing says summer like surfing and beer. This Hawaiian ale is smooth, malty and slightly hoppy. Cowabunga Beer Dude!

watermelon wheat1. 21st Amendment, San Francisco
Hell or High Watermelon

This crisp, refreshing watermelon infused wheat beer is the perfect complement to any sunny day. I first tried Hell or High Watermelon on a visit to the 21st Amendment Brewery in downtown San Francisco with my cousin a few years back. He recommended the wheat beer and I was hooked from there. The problem was you couldn’t purchase this in the East, until this year. Now I have noticed this in many liquor stores and recently even on-tap. Delicious and worth your taste.

So there you have it, five six worth a try. I know there are many more that can be included, however there is just so much time. However if you are that passionate about a flavor, bring me a bottle and let’s taste together.


4 thoughts on “5 Summer Beers You Must Try Before Labor Day

  1. Nice selection! Cant resist this one so here is mine:
    No particular order…
    Victory Summer Love
    Harpoon Summer
    Sankaty light lager -Cisco Brewers
    TrogesSunshine Pils
    Magic Hat 9.
    Quite an evolution from Keystone Dry. Hope you and the family are well

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