Trick or Treat: Do’s & Don’ts

I posted this Trick or Treat Do’s & Don’ts Two years ago but thought that it was still relevant for this year’s Halloween festivities.

A few Do’s & Don’ts for Tricking or Treating.

Do: Give out quality name brand candy such as Snickers, M&M’s, Reese’s
Don’t: Give out fruit of any kind – it will be smashed on your front porch
Do: Acknowledge the Trick or Treater and quickly give them a piece or two of candy (see point one above)
Don’t: Try to have a lengthy discussion with a Treater
Do: Give candy to an older teenager even if they are not in costume
Don’t: Leave your house and place a bowl of candy on the front porch with a sign that reads “Please take one”
Do: Stop at houses that are have lights on in the neighborhood
Don’t: Ring the doorbell for five minutes waiting for someone to answer – you will be wasting valuable time
Do: Be polite when Treating
Don’t: Take only one piece of candy if the host is offering you more
Do: Use a pillow case or other sturdy bag to hold candy
Don’t: Use a plastic grocery store bag – they will rip midway through your candy-a-thon spilling in the darkness of your neighbor’s yard, no one will wait while you pick them up
Do: Spook middle school boys
Don’t: Scare babies
Do: Indulge on your treasure
Don’t: Over Augustus Gloop it


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