The Leftovers

Yes, this name of the rather odd television series on HBO. However, since it’s the holiday season we’re talking about the leftover turkey and trimmings that are currently clogging up your refrigerator. (We will save some editorial for another day as to my thoughts on the Sudden Departure).

Though we all feast then gorge then feast some more, there always seems to be numerous Ziploc bags filled with sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and that dish that auntie Hilda brought. What was in the dish anyway? A concoction of rhubarb, mixed with worcestershire sauce and celery? Anyway, not to digress on unsavory side dishes, that was for another post, we will be providing you with some great ideas to finish those leftovers and free up space in your refrigerator (you are going to need it, what with the Winter Beer suggestions coming soon).

What to do with your leftover Thanksgiving meal


Hot Turkey Sandwich with the Moist Maker – had to lead with this suggestion as it quite simply the best leftover meal you can chow on. Most people currently enjoy a hot turkey sandwich, but what they are lacking is the Moist Maker, the slice of gravy soaked bread that slides into the middle of the turkey, cheese, cranberry and other two slices of bread. Once you have tried a Moist Maker, you will quickly become addicted desiring this treasure daily.

Pumpkin Pie Milkshake – my pumpkin pie milkshakes brings all the gals to the yard, and they’re like, it’s better than yours, damn right it’s better than yours. I can teach you but I have to charge. Delicious.

Cranberry Pancakes – is there anything better than waking to the smell of hot cranberry pancakes filling the kitchen with its delicious aroma on a cold winters morn? Top that with some Cool Whip and you will have a great start to your day.

Mashed Stuffing Potatoes – Mmmmm, a mixture of mashed potatoes and Stove Top stuffing, mixed, blended, stirred or whatever. These are two great tastes that taste great together.

Fresh Corn Mix – this is another favorite. Simply combine the leftover corn niblets, mix with a fresh diced tomato and stir in some Italian salad dressing. This is a delicious treat in the summer and it tastes just as good in November.

The Dirty Diaper – simply fill your plate with every leftover and layer it three deeps. Nuke on high for 3 minutes, top with gravy and you have a gut buster that lead to this dish’s moniker.

Feed a Squirrel – hey, tis the season.


Black Friday Do’s & Don’ts

It’s the official kick-off to holiday shopping mayhem. Waking at 4am, finding the elusive parking spot, drinking another cup of cold swill, pushing and shoving to get the Samsung’s smart phone embedded in a toaster all to save a measly five extra dollars.

As your stress levels increase your judgment becomes very cloudy, thus allowing you to make very questionable decisions.

So as you wait in line purchasing a six pack of socks for $5.99 (a savings of $1.25), use the following do’s and don’ts to ensure you stay out of jail and black eye free.

Do: set your spending limit at least 24 hours in advance
Don’t: be tempted to sign-up for another store’s credit card offer because they are giving a free Frisbee with every application (doesn’t matter if the Frisbee will make a great stocking stuffer)

Do: take periodic breaks to rest, snack-up and get a cup of coffee
Don’t: strap-on the feedbag so that you may fuel up and shop at the same time

Do: wear the appropriate clothing
Don’t: wear any type of animal masks

Do: shop in teams, divide and conquer is a great plan
Don’t: drag your children out with you so that they may shop for their own gifts

Do: be polite to fellow shoppers
Don’t: start a wrapping paper sword fight

Do: bring the applicable store coupons to save even more $
Don’t: bring last week’s comic page because you want to show the store clerk the latest Family Circus cartoon (hint: that cartoon sucks and was never funny)

Do: use your smart phone to track deals and inventory throughout the day
Don’t: use your smart phone as a weapon so that lady with the red hat drops the last $99 laptop computer at Walmart

Do: consider sleeping in and shopping online
Don’t: forget the true meaning of the holidays, that it’s all about that bass

5 Thanksgiving Side Dishes That Should Not Exist

Ah, the Thanksgiving Feast. One of the best days of the year, it is simply a great time to give thanks to family and friends, watch football and of course feast! The Thanksgiving meal is one to truly treasure, a piping hot oven roasted turkey, the Fall Harvest beers to sip and of course the delicious sweets to treasure. But what often gets over looked are the turkey accoutrements, those that truly complete the meal. The Side Dishes.

While most side dishes are delicious, think stuffing, cranberry sauce, honey-glazed carrots, corn niblets, etc., there are several that should not be served.

Do Not Try These Five Sides

cornCreamed Corn – not quite sure the Pilgrims feasted on creamed corn. This side dish has nothing in common with the delectable corn niblets. Creamed corn is a weird concoction that looks like baby food with corn chunks. And how do you justify eating this in front of 20 people in a formal dining room setting.

sweet potatoes

Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows – Sweet Potatoes are delicious, add marshmallows and they become some type of Frankenstein dish. Not sure how this product was invented, did someone miss their mug of hot chocolate and throw their marshmallow into the bowl of sweet potatoes? Where they trying to play a joke? What is really odd is the two textures of the food, they just don’t go.

green beansGreen Bean Casserole – I’m just not a fan of any type of casserole. Casseroles are just various leftover ingredients mixed together. I love sautéed green beans on Thanksgiving, but there is no need to add a can of cream of mushroom soup, topped with this and blended with that. Blah.

turkey stuffingTurkey Butt Stuffing – Really? Please just by a box of Stove Top. Much easier to make and delicious to boot.

celryAnything with Celery – Absolutely Not!



Expecting a challenging Thanksgiving with the myriad of family members? If so, be sure to check out these tips for Surviving Thanksgiving. 

Tale of the Tape: ‘80’s Video Game Icons

The early 1980’s were surely the Golden Age of video game play. Kids would spend quarter after quarter and numerous hours in the Arcade while their parents shopped at the local mall. How interesting that there was significant retail space dedicated to people lining quarters up on the bottom of the screen one by one.

The most popular of these early arcade games include Centipede, Asteroids, Donkey Kong, Pac Man and Q*Bert. If not for the love of these games we might not have today’s Madden or Call of Duty. However primitive in resolution and functionality these old schools games were, they were truly ground breaking at the time. Heck, I still have my Donkey Kong strategies book I purchased at the school’s book fair when I was in fourth grade.

So let’s go to the tape and see what classic arcade icon still reigns over all others.


Pac Man QBert

Monday Morning Burn

1. I think I am interested in HBOs new series Westworld, a futuristic theme park where the animatronic robots go wild. This series is based on an early 1970s movie  that was written and directed by my favorite author Michael Creighton. The series is projected for some time 2015.

2. I think there have already been some awful Holiday commercials, even before Thanksgiving. Shame on you Joe Boxer and Odd Lots. Awful.

3. I think, speaking of awful commercials, that the radio advertisement for stop smoking campaign featuring the lady using an electrolarynx (as she has no no voice box due to smoking her robbing her of such) singing the Wheels on the Bus is just plain wrong. Awful, Awful.

4. I think the Christmas season officially kicked off this past Friday at 5pm with the start of 24/7 Xmas tunes on the radio.  Mele Kalikimaka everyone.

5. I think I will have the top holiday hits playlist posted soon. Any requests?

6. I think there is nothing like trying to get into Manhattan during rush hour traffic. Ugh!

7. I think I like my burritos spicy but not like ahhhhhhh spicy.

8. I think 15 degree in NJ in November is muy frio. At least we’re not Buffalo, 6 ft of snow in four days. What?

9. I think I wish I was Giancarlo Stanton’s wallet. $325 million contract. I’ll even just take 1% of that amount.

10. I think I have noticed more people wearing bow ties than ever before. Not sure why, just an interesting and odd trend.

11. I think a Pitch Perfect sequel will be pretty funny. But a Zoolander sequel, not so much. I’ve got two bottles of whiskey for the way.

12. I think this is the best display of sportsmanship that I have seen in a while.

This Superhero Duo Needs Their Own Film – Now


It seems like every comic book superhero has now been featured in a movie. There was once a time when movies only portrayed top tier super heroes on the big screen. However with the success of Iron Man in 2008 every Hollywood studio has been lining up to capitalize on this craze. Just look at the facts, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, a comic most never heard of, earned over $300 million at the box office this summer (with heroes that featured a tree and a raccoon).

At least 29 superhero movies will be coming out in the next six years. Warner Brothers, featuring characters from the DC Comics universe (Superman, Batman, Wonder Women) has slated 11 upcoming movies. Marvel Comics (Spiderman, Hulk, Avengers) has 10 movies slated over this timeframe.

Here is a link to a great infographic that highlights these superhero films.

With so many upcoming movies slated, DC and Marvel both are tapping the well to feature secondary and tertiary heroes in these films just so that they have a product to push.

Upcoming Movies Featuring Secondary Heroes
Ant Man – Marvel
Black Panther – Marvel
Shazam – DC
The Sandman – DC

Dynomutt 2There is one superhero duo that I feel is getting shafted in this frenzy of content creation, the Blue Falcon & Dynomutt the Dog Wonder.

Dynomutt & the Blue Falcon were brought to life by the creative team of Hanna-Barbera (Yogi Bear, Scooby Doo) and was a spin on the Batman and Robin tag team. What made these characters special was their dysfunctional approach to crime fighting. Their relationship also kept the show’s pace on the lighter side.

Dynomutt, a robotic dog, would always mess up an already sticky situation by bumbling along and giving the villain the upper hand. In the end Dynomutt would always save the day.

On several occasions Dynomutt allied with Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine team to fight crime. In fact, they had their own show, the Scooby Doo/Dynomutt hour back in the late 1970’s.

Though Dynomutt & Blue Falcon were cartoon characters, with today’s technology this duo could easily be transformed into a live-action movie. I could easily see Ben Afleck in the role of the Blue Falcon, though unfortunately he is now cast as Batman for the upcoming Superman versus Batman movie. Perhaps Jason Bateman or Bradley Cooper? Anyway, this is a movie that needs to happen now!

Tale of the Tape: Product Pitchwomen

You can thank Flo from Progressive Insurance commercials for this post. Both Flo and Progressive had such success from this advertising campaign, originating in 2008, that has spawned many other brands to launch their own version of Flo as a product pitchwoman.

The characteristics between Flo, Lilly from AT&T and Jan from Toyota are uncanny. All are brunettes, all have a whimsical side and all do a fair job as company spokeswoman. Since Flo is clearly the cream of the crop and has the legacy we will go to the tape to see how well Jan and Lilly fare.

Jan Lilly pic

Jan Lilly chart

Monday Morning Burn

1. I think I may have almost lost my lid on an outbound flight to Vegas. Fur coat wearing, airline booze drinking chatter box. BTW- haven’t heard this asked of a flight attendant in thirty years or really ever: “You got any cigarettes?” Excellent flight. Yeah me.

2. I think I appreciate Bose Noise canceling headphones and a hoodie like never before. Both are great Xmas gifts.

3. I think the opening sentence from the book The Martian by Andy Weir is classic yet simple. “I’m pretty much f$&@ed”. So far it’s a good read. Sort of Castaway meets Mission to Mars. The movie staring Matt Damon hits theaters November 2015. Gotta love that the main character is a Cubs fan.

4. I think long flights are a good time to read a book.

5. I think I am interested in understanding how suspension bridges work and the engineering around them. Guess I will spend some time researching over the next few weeks. Just because. Or perhaps find an old episode of How Things Work.

6. I think headaches suck. Excedrin is good, but there needs to be a super, duper fast acting version. Ouch, blah, yuk.

7. I think I should have gone into chemistry R&D and could have invented super acting Excedrin and made millions. Who am I kidding I sucked at chemistry.

8. I think after the success of the Fall Harvest Post I am going to campaign for the Key Lime to dominate the summer months. Key Lime Oreos, Key Lime beer, Key Lime mustard, Key Lime latte (KLL, hint, hint Starbucks). First order of business creating a key lime shirt and possibly promotional web site.

9. I think Mountain Dew’s latest test flavor Dewitios (a mash-up taste of Doritos meets Mountain Dew) sounds disgusting. I think it may actually sell well.

10. I think the toughest holiday decision this year will be Thanksgiving Turkey or Christmas Ham. Who am I kidding, it’s the ham, it’s always the ham.

11. I think it is impressive to run a 5k in very cold weather. I think it is impressive to run a 5k and play a soccer game in cold weather.  I think it is impressive to play two soccer games in cold weather.  Congrats all!!