Monday Morning Burn

1. I think Halloween is getting a little light on Trick or Treaters the past few years. Most original costume – none.

2. I think the Cardinals had a successful weekend.  The great Cardinal Carnivore got his feedbag stuffed with too much candy.  The Arizona Cardinals beat the Cowboys and are now 7-1.

3. I think it should be mandatory for Cliff’s to be open on Halloween and not closed.  People need their pumpkin pie fix.

4. I think I am excited to do the ultimate pumpkin pie ice cream taste test.  Royal Scoop of Bonita Beach, FL v. Cliff’s of Ledgewood, NJ.  Results posted next week.

5. I think you should not laugh when with your significant other and the first song on the car radio is Queen’s Fat Bottom Girls.

6. I still think it is funny.

7. I think I like it when the Jets lose 8 straight games.

8. I think I don’t like it when Penn State losses 4 straight games. WTF

9. I think I enjoyed the Chipotle Cherry Sting wings at Buffalo Wild Wings.  They’re a limited time flavor so we may need to go back, soon.




10. I think I sing Sir-Mix-A lot’s Buttermilk Biscuits song every time I eat Pillsbury’s Grand biscuits.  Zip the flour, roll the dough, clap your hands and stomp your feet …

11. I think if you can’t get enough, you can always follow @JSilfiesCBC.  A little more business slanted, but there will be many whimsical anecdotes along the way.

12. I think I liked my profile on Marketing Myths in the latest CMO Outlook. Check it out. 

13. I think October was a good month.

14. I think November will be just as good.


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