Monday Morning Burn

I think the Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream Challenge was a bust.  There was no contest.  The Pumpkin Pie at Royal Scoops in Bonita Beach, FL lacked creaminess, taste, color and appeal.  Plus the lack of not knowing what chocolate jimmies are is an auto DQ.  Cliff’s Pumpkin Pie is much superior in every way.

I think Tampa Bay Brewing Company restored my faith that there are a few quality Pumpkin beers out there.  The Gourds Gone Wild is tasty, with a nice pumpkin spice aroma that finishes smoothly.  Good to the last drop.

I think the Willy Wonka post was a hit.  Lots of good feedback and traffic.  Something about that movie that gets everyone excited. I guess everyone loves the Oompa Loompa’s.  Similar posts are in store.

I think the Top Snacks at Magic Kingdom post made me hungry for another Dole Whip.  Almost drove to Orlando for a taste.

I think I find it odd that it odd that a hotel’s room key software can be down for several days.  Not sure I liked the personal escort up to my room after a long day of meetings.

I think with King James slumping and Kevin Durant hurt, there will finally be a different NBA MVP this year.

I think that a few of my recommendations last week were implemented during several office visits.  Most interesting, remove filing cabinet from men’s bathroom.

I think December 2015 is too long to wait for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens.

I think I am not sure whose voice I prefer as the voice of Mr. Peanut.  Robert Downey Jr. (2010-2013) or Bill Hader (2013-present).  Both are good voices for the character. Thinking I am slanting toward Downey Jr.  You Decide.

Robert Downey Jr.

Bill Hader


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