Monday Morning Burn

1. I think I may have almost lost my lid on an outbound flight to Vegas. Fur coat wearing, airline booze drinking chatter box. BTW- haven’t heard this asked of a flight attendant in thirty years or really ever: “You got any cigarettes?” Excellent flight. Yeah me.

2. I think I appreciate Bose Noise canceling headphones and a hoodie like never before. Both are great Xmas gifts.

3. I think the opening sentence from the book The Martian by Andy Weir is classic yet simple. “I’m pretty much f$&@ed”. So far it’s a good read. Sort of Castaway meets Mission to Mars. The movie staring Matt Damon hits theaters November 2015. Gotta love that the main character is a Cubs fan.

4. I think long flights are a good time to read a book.

5. I think I am interested in understanding how suspension bridges work and the engineering around them. Guess I will spend some time researching over the next few weeks. Just because. Or perhaps find an old episode of How Things Work.

6. I think headaches suck. Excedrin is good, but there needs to be a super, duper fast acting version. Ouch, blah, yuk.

7. I think I should have gone into chemistry R&D and could have invented super acting Excedrin and made millions. Who am I kidding I sucked at chemistry.

8. I think after the success of the Fall Harvest Post I am going to campaign for the Key Lime to dominate the summer months. Key Lime Oreos, Key Lime beer, Key Lime mustard, Key Lime latte (KLL, hint, hint Starbucks). First order of business creating a key lime shirt and possibly promotional web site.

9. I think Mountain Dew’s latest test flavor Dewitios (a mash-up taste of Doritos meets Mountain Dew) sounds disgusting. I think it may actually sell well.

10. I think the toughest holiday decision this year will be Thanksgiving Turkey or Christmas Ham. Who am I kidding, it’s the ham, it’s always the ham.

11. I think it is impressive to run a 5k in very cold weather. I think it is impressive to run a 5k and play a soccer game in cold weather.  I think it is impressive to play two soccer games in cold weather.  Congrats all!!



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