Monday Morning Burn

1. I think I am interested in HBOs new series Westworld, a futuristic theme park where the animatronic robots go wild. This series is based on an early 1970s movie  that was written and directed by my favorite author Michael Creighton. The series is projected for some time 2015.

2. I think there have already been some awful Holiday commercials, even before Thanksgiving. Shame on you Joe Boxer and Odd Lots. Awful.

3. I think, speaking of awful commercials, that the radio advertisement for stop smoking campaign featuring the lady using an electrolarynx (as she has no no voice box due to smoking her robbing her of such) singing the Wheels on the Bus is just plain wrong. Awful, Awful.

4. I think the Christmas season officially kicked off this past Friday at 5pm with the start of 24/7 Xmas tunes on the radio.  Mele Kalikimaka everyone.

5. I think I will have the top holiday hits playlist posted soon. Any requests?

6. I think there is nothing like trying to get into Manhattan during rush hour traffic. Ugh!

7. I think I like my burritos spicy but not like ahhhhhhh spicy.

8. I think 15 degree in NJ in November is muy frio. At least we’re not Buffalo, 6 ft of snow in four days. What?

9. I think I wish I was Giancarlo Stanton’s wallet. $325 million contract. I’ll even just take 1% of that amount.

10. I think I have noticed more people wearing bow ties than ever before. Not sure why, just an interesting and odd trend.

11. I think a Pitch Perfect sequel will be pretty funny. But a Zoolander sequel, not so much. I’ve got two bottles of whiskey for the way.

12. I think this is the best display of sportsmanship that I have seen in a while.


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