Tale of the Tape: ‘80’s Video Game Icons

The early 1980’s were surely the Golden Age of video game play. Kids would spend quarter after quarter and numerous hours in the Arcade while their parents shopped at the local mall. How interesting that there was significant retail space dedicated to people lining quarters up on the bottom of the screen one by one.

The most popular of these early arcade games include Centipede, Asteroids, Donkey Kong, Pac Man and Q*Bert. If not for the love of these games we might not have today’s Madden or Call of Duty. However primitive in resolution and functionality these old schools games were, they were truly ground breaking at the time. Heck, I still have my Donkey Kong strategies book I purchased at the school’s book fair when I was in fourth grade.

So let’s go to the tape and see what classic arcade icon still reigns over all others.


Pac Man QBert


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