5 Thanksgiving Side Dishes That Should Not Exist

Ah, the Thanksgiving Feast. One of the best days of the year, it is simply a great time to give thanks to family and friends, watch football and of course feast! The Thanksgiving meal is one to truly treasure, a piping hot oven roasted turkey, the Fall Harvest beers to sip and of course the delicious sweets to treasure. But what often gets over looked are the turkey accoutrements, those that truly complete the meal. The Side Dishes.

While most side dishes are delicious, think stuffing, cranberry sauce, honey-glazed carrots, corn niblets, etc., there are several that should not be served.

Do Not Try These Five Sides

cornCreamed Corn – not quite sure the Pilgrims feasted on creamed corn. This side dish has nothing in common with the delectable corn niblets. Creamed corn is a weird concoction that looks like baby food with corn chunks. And how do you justify eating this in front of 20 people in a formal dining room setting.

sweet potatoes

Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows – Sweet Potatoes are delicious, add marshmallows and they become some type of Frankenstein dish. Not sure how this product was invented, did someone miss their mug of hot chocolate and throw their marshmallow into the bowl of sweet potatoes? Where they trying to play a joke? What is really odd is the two textures of the food, they just don’t go.

green beansGreen Bean Casserole – I’m just not a fan of any type of casserole. Casseroles are just various leftover ingredients mixed together. I love sautéed green beans on Thanksgiving, but there is no need to add a can of cream of mushroom soup, topped with this and blended with that. Blah.

turkey stuffingTurkey Butt Stuffing – Really? Please just by a box of Stove Top. Much easier to make and delicious to boot.

celryAnything with Celery – Absolutely Not!



Expecting a challenging Thanksgiving with the myriad of family members? If so, be sure to check out these tips for Surviving Thanksgiving. 


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