The Leftovers

Yes, this name of the rather odd television series on HBO. However, since it’s the holiday season we’re talking about the leftover turkey and trimmings that are currently clogging up your refrigerator. (We will save some editorial for another day as to my thoughts on the Sudden Departure).

Though we all feast then gorge then feast some more, there always seems to be numerous Ziploc bags filled with sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and that dish that auntie Hilda brought. What was in the dish anyway? A concoction of rhubarb, mixed with worcestershire sauce and celery? Anyway, not to digress on unsavory side dishes, that was for another post, we will be providing you with some great ideas to finish those leftovers and free up space in your refrigerator (you are going to need it, what with the Winter Beer suggestions coming soon).

What to do with your leftover Thanksgiving meal


Hot Turkey Sandwich with the Moist Maker – had to lead with this suggestion as it quite simply the best leftover meal you can chow on. Most people currently enjoy a hot turkey sandwich, but what they are lacking is the Moist Maker, the slice of gravy soaked bread that slides into the middle of the turkey, cheese, cranberry and other two slices of bread. Once you have tried a Moist Maker, you will quickly become addicted desiring this treasure daily.

Pumpkin Pie Milkshake – my pumpkin pie milkshakes brings all the gals to the yard, and they’re like, it’s better than yours, damn right it’s better than yours. I can teach you but I have to charge. Delicious.

Cranberry Pancakes – is there anything better than waking to the smell of hot cranberry pancakes filling the kitchen with its delicious aroma on a cold winters morn? Top that with some Cool Whip and you will have a great start to your day.

Mashed Stuffing Potatoes – Mmmmm, a mixture of mashed potatoes and Stove Top stuffing, mixed, blended, stirred or whatever. These are two great tastes that taste great together.

Fresh Corn Mix – this is another favorite. Simply combine the leftover corn niblets, mix with a fresh diced tomato and stir in some Italian salad dressing. This is a delicious treat in the summer and it tastes just as good in November.

The Dirty Diaper – simply fill your plate with every leftover and layer it three deeps. Nuke on high for 3 minutes, top with gravy and you have a gut buster that lead to this dish’s moniker.

Feed a Squirrel – hey, tis the season.


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