Monday Morning Burn

1. I think Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever movie was an interesting holiday movie. A mashup of Paul Blart Mall Cop + Home Alone + Toonces the Driving Cat. Lesson learned: flying cats and British Grumpy Cats are funny. The rest of the movie, not so much.

2. I think this was a great week for movie trailers. We were treated first to the Jurassic World trailer and then the Star Wars VII trailer. Where is life’s fast forward button? I can’t wait for either movie. Though one whole year to wait for Star Wars is simply too long.

3. I think these are my takes from the Jurassic World trailers.

3a. I think the Disneyland / Sea World concept of Jurassic World is cool. What is even cooler, kayaking with the dinosaurs. What is even cooler than cool is the great white shark eating Mosasaurus on display in a Shamu type arena.

3b. I think it’s nice to see Judy Greer in Jurassic World. She doesn’t get enough credit for her roles. She will with upcoming roles in Tomorrowland and Ant Man. her Sprint commercials are pretty bad though.

4. I think these are my thoughts for the Star Wars trailer.

4a. I think Star Wars Episode VII looks pretty damn cool. Looks like a similar product as the original trilogy. Can’t wait.

4b. I think I like the new light saber, we’ll call it the tri-saber, a triple bladed light saber, looks badass. Darth Maul’s dual bladed light saber still reigns supreme.

4c. I think the roll-a-droid looks pretty cool. R2-D2 is still #1, but this droid could easily beat C3PO.

4d. I think it’s great to see the Millennium Falcon again.

5. I think speaking of trailers, the Game of Thrones Season 5 teaser trailer was interesting. What’s more interesting is the launch of the show’s new web site

6. I think Natalie Dormer is making her way up to the A List. Queen Margery in game of Thrones and Cressida in Hunger Games. She sure likes games doesn’t she? Not too shabby.

7. I think Winter beer season officially kicked off this week. Sam Adams Winterfest is always reliable; a good find was Leinenkugel’s Snowdrift Vanilla Porter. Sam Adams Merry Maker Gingerbread Stout was good but loses points for tasting very similar to its pumpkin beer Fat Jack. Looking forward to tasting many a festive beers this season.

pilsbury_doughboy_balloon8. I think my favorite balloon in this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was that of the Pillsbury Doughboy aka Poppin’ Fresh. I think the Doughboy balloon is an all-time second place balloon next to woody Woodpecker.

9. I think the radio didn’t play enough of Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving Song. I think I missed a career opportunity in song writing.

10. I think Jimmy Fallon did a good job summarizing Thanksgiving : “Thank you, Thanksgiving, for being a time for family.” And thank you, football and alcohol, for making that tolerable.”

11. I think Black Friday is overrated. I think impulsive purchases on TVs are not.

12. I think it’s never too early to put up your Christmas decorations.

13. I think I want to meet just one person who ever received a brand new Lexus with a giant red ribbon on it as a holiday gift.


14. I think it was a great time seeing Bloomsburg University win it’s second round playoff football game versus Virginia State. Congrats #90! Nothing like sitting for 3 hours in 22 degree temps. Burrrr. Nice showing by the 7 band members and 9 cheerleaders. Huskies, Huskies, Woo, Woo, Woo.

15. I think it was nice to celebrate the victory with a Pack Dog Peanut Butter Ale at Marley’s Brewery. That was one delicious drink.


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