Monday Morning Burn

1. I think if you enjoyed HBO’s True Detective and if you have a 45 minute or more commute, then you may want to give the Serial podcast a listen. Much like True Detective it has only a few episodes so it is not too big of a commitment (True Detective has 10 episodes, Serial has 12). Good story telling about a reporter trying to figure out the murder of a high school student 15 years ago.  Last episode coming up this Thursday.

2. I think I am still annoyed at Beth’s death in the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. Beth’s character really developed over the past two years and I guess everyone has to die sometime in this series.  Just an unfortunate way to go.

3. I think the song Feliz Navidid is overrated. I think I used to like this song but now, it really hurts my ears. Almost as much as the lady with squawk box on the radio.  Hmmm, which is worse the lady singing Wheels on the Bus or Feliz Navidid?

miners4. I think I am happy that the Skylands finally found a baseball team to play ball in Northern NJ. The Sussex County Miners start play in May 2015 in the CanAm league. Name is a good fit (pays homage to local tradition), logo is lame (basic font with some stars). A full write-up once all identity standards are made available.

5. I think I made my mark on the uniform watching public. Little shout out from the Uni-watch blog.  You have to scroll to the bottom in the Grab Bag section, but hey, I’ll take it.

6. I think if you have to drive into NYC on a weekday morning it’s best to leave before 5:30 am. Second trip in in less than two weeks was much quicker. About one hour door to park.

elderly7. I think there have been some great and unusual crossing signs sighted in the past several days. Peacock, more NJ cattle crossing signs, etc. Gotta love the yield for elderly sign, good find by our friend Katie. Never knew that even existed.

8. I think the Black River Barn may be overrated. Good atmosphere, just merely okay food.

9. I think enough is too much with these I can’t breathe t-shirts. I’m all for freedom of speech and I give it up for the early adopters here, but those in the past two days or so are just band wagon jumpers.

10. I think the Cubs are serious contenders for the first time, in about 12 years.

11. I think I have seen some interesting Christmas card photos this year.


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