A Holiday Jingle in the Making?

No, not the holiday jingle variety, the annoying commercial type.


I think I always knew that my career path was destined for marketing. At an early age, in addition to playing sports and hanging with friends, I enjoyed watching television commercials and had an eye for product logo and packaging. Still do to this day, though I tend to err on the side of sports logos and design. (I actually spent numerous hours creating mini-posters of many of the 1985 College Football Bowl Games as an early career start). I attribute many of these “skills” to my youth spent watching cartoons and studying the backs of cereal boxes.

bag a bug - best bug catcher around - for japanese beetlesI believe I came up with my first original commercial jingle around age 6 or 7 for the Bag a Bug Japanese Beetle backyard trap. So after my hopes for playing second base for the Chicago Cubs faded at age 16, I moved on to the world of marketing. I never sold my jingle to the makers of Bag a Bug but it got me on the path of marketing, advertising and annoying others with awful jingle jamming.


One of my more memorable jingles was for Ron Popeil’s Pasta Maker. (Seeing a recent Ron Popeil product this weekend led to this post.) A college roommate of mine, we’ll call him GJD, watched an entire Pasta Maker infomercial waiting for that jingle. The jingle never came. He never realized that I was the one who wrote and sung this song so many times that it got stuck in his head. It must have been that good.

Damn right! “When it’s Ron Popeil, I’ll make your pasta fresh today…”

I still work at jamming the jingle and “Slappin’ the bass” but I have moved on to more serious advertisement creation and marketing. I always have an occasional rhythm in the back pocket, goin’ jingle lingle ling. Too bad I was never musically inclined, or it could have been me who wrote the 1-877-Kars for Kids jingle. But I would never have wrote that still freaky “Wheels on the bus” commercial.

Oh, and by the way, I did end up writing and singing a Christmas Jingle on stage in high-school. An original Christmas Chemistry Rap that I performed on stage multiple times. Try that as a 16 year old.

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Here is one of the impressionable jingles and commercials that I still get stuck in my head to this day. I must have watched this commercial over one thousand times during all the Brady Bunch, Woody Woodpecker and Gilligan Island reruns. Catchy jingle, but still trying to figure out why these gals were eating a hot dog in the commercial for a retail store?


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