Monday Morning Burn

1. I think Kate Upton was a good choice for People’s Sexiest Woman of the Year. I personally would have selected Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones, but can’t argue with the Upton call. Check out Natalie’s gallery from

2. I think sticking with the Upton theme, that it was very interesting that Justin Upton was traded from the Atlanta Braves to the San Diego Padres. Personally, I like the Padres and San Diego is tied for my favorite U.S. city (Chicago is the other favorite). I think there needs to be a father / son trip out west to see NuNu the Orange Bird loving boy’s favorite player in Upton.  Then possibly to a Diamondbacks game.  Spring Training with the Cubs to boot?  I think my head is spinning.

3. I think that I am already salivating over the thought of fish tacos from Tin Fish located right by Petco Park where the Padres play.

4. I think that I fell 8 visits shy of hitting my goal of 100 visits to the company gym in 2014. Not too bad considering I have four possible days per week to hit the gym at the office (leaves me with about 200 total opportunities, yes, I take Wednesday’s off to recover from Mon & Tue workouts, getting old sucks). Subtract my time out of the office for the many meetings and business travel and it’s not too shabby.

5. I think I may need more times in the gym in 2015 if I am going to still overly enjoy ice cream, Cheez-it’s, and a good tasting beer or so.

6. I think not many people actually wanted to see the movie “The Interview.”  Looked pretty bad,  Perhaps it was Sony’s way of cutting its loss?

7. I think if you are a fan of The Simpsons then you should check out these 25 little known facts about one of my favorite all time shows.

8. I think I am going to enjoy a couple of days off around the holidays. No real plans as of yet, but lots to do.

9. I think there are only three shopping days until Christmas. Are you done shopping? Am I done shopping? Thank goodness for Kohl’s being open for 24 hours!

10. I think, no, I actually know, Have a Happy Holiday Season!


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