New Year’s Eve – Do’s & Don’ts

new year

New Year’s Eve is a night to celebrate the remaining hours of 2014 and help to welcome in 2015. For many New Year’s represents a fresh start, a rejuvenation of sorts as all things are once again possible. The stress of holiday shopping is past and there is nothing but clear blue skies ahead.

New Year’s Eve is celebrated at evening social gatherings, where people dance, eat and partake in the favorite libation. Most people to play the evening slightly conservative and don’t go too crazy but then there are those that take this holiday celebration too far. You know who I mean.

Not sure how you should act on NYE? Take a look at the below do’s and don’ts and you will be sure to stay out of a drunk dank come New Year’s morning.

New Year’s Eve – Do’s & Don’ts

Do: Feel free to have a few cocktails and enjoy the festivities
Don’t: Over indulge in cheap booze

Do: Mix and mingle and discuss friends, family, sports and recent social events
Don’t: Talk aimlessly to anyone who will listen either telling them how great your children are or how miserable your 2014 was.

Do: Wear a novelty New Year’s hat
Don’t: Wear a lampshade on your head

Do: Wear a nice outfit, for a more formal party cocktail dresses for women and sport coats for men work. For casual affairs, wear slacks or skirts, and dress shirts.
Don’t: Wear a baby diaper and walk around calling yourself Baby New Year.

Do: Kiss a loved one at the stroke of midnight
Don’t: Don’t wander aimlessly shaming someone into kissing you. There’s probably a reason no one is standing next you at midnight.

Do: Have transportation arrangements made ahead of time
Don’t: Drink and Drive

Do: Drink water throughout the evening
Don’t: Drink toilet water at any time during the evening. Drinking toilet water any time after 6am the following day is acceptable as you will most likely be bowing to the porcelain god. Unless of course you followed the first Do’s & Don’ts above.

Do: Have fun with your spouse
Don’t: Flirt with another if you are off the market


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