Monday Morning Burn

1. I think Kate Upton was a good choice for People’s Sexiest Woman of the Year. I personally would have selected Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones, but can’t argue with the Upton call. Check out Natalie’s gallery from

2. I think sticking with the Upton theme, that it was very interesting that Justin Upton was traded from the Atlanta Braves to the San Diego Padres. Personally, I like the Padres and San Diego is tied for my favorite U.S. city (Chicago is the other favorite). I think there needs to be a father / son trip out west to see NuNu the Orange Bird loving boy’s favorite player in Upton.  Then possibly to a Diamondbacks game.  Spring Training with the Cubs to boot?  I think my head is spinning.

3. I think that I am already salivating over the thought of fish tacos from Tin Fish located right by Petco Park where the Padres play.

4. I think that I fell 8 visits shy of hitting my goal of 100 visits to the company gym in 2014. Not too bad considering I have four possible days per week to hit the gym at the office (leaves me with about 200 total opportunities, yes, I take Wednesday’s off to recover from Mon & Tue workouts, getting old sucks). Subtract my time out of the office for the many meetings and business travel and it’s not too shabby.

5. I think I may need more times in the gym in 2015 if I am going to still overly enjoy ice cream, Cheez-it’s, and a good tasting beer or so.

6. I think not many people actually wanted to see the movie “The Interview.”  Looked pretty bad,  Perhaps it was Sony’s way of cutting its loss?

7. I think if you are a fan of The Simpsons then you should check out these 25 little known facts about one of my favorite all time shows.

8. I think I am going to enjoy a couple of days off around the holidays. No real plans as of yet, but lots to do.

9. I think there are only three shopping days until Christmas. Are you done shopping? Am I done shopping? Thank goodness for Kohl’s being open for 24 hours!

10. I think, no, I actually know, Have a Happy Holiday Season!


Monday Morning Burn

1. I think if you enjoyed HBO’s True Detective and if you have a 45 minute or more commute, then you may want to give the Serial podcast a listen. Much like True Detective it has only a few episodes so it is not too big of a commitment (True Detective has 10 episodes, Serial has 12). Good story telling about a reporter trying to figure out the murder of a high school student 15 years ago.  Last episode coming up this Thursday.

2. I think I am still annoyed at Beth’s death in the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. Beth’s character really developed over the past two years and I guess everyone has to die sometime in this series.  Just an unfortunate way to go.

3. I think the song Feliz Navidid is overrated. I think I used to like this song but now, it really hurts my ears. Almost as much as the lady with squawk box on the radio.  Hmmm, which is worse the lady singing Wheels on the Bus or Feliz Navidid?

miners4. I think I am happy that the Skylands finally found a baseball team to play ball in Northern NJ. The Sussex County Miners start play in May 2015 in the CanAm league. Name is a good fit (pays homage to local tradition), logo is lame (basic font with some stars). A full write-up once all identity standards are made available.

5. I think I made my mark on the uniform watching public. Little shout out from the Uni-watch blog.  You have to scroll to the bottom in the Grab Bag section, but hey, I’ll take it.

6. I think if you have to drive into NYC on a weekday morning it’s best to leave before 5:30 am. Second trip in in less than two weeks was much quicker. About one hour door to park.

elderly7. I think there have been some great and unusual crossing signs sighted in the past several days. Peacock, more NJ cattle crossing signs, etc. Gotta love the yield for elderly sign, good find by our friend Katie. Never knew that even existed.

8. I think the Black River Barn may be overrated. Good atmosphere, just merely okay food.

9. I think enough is too much with these I can’t breathe t-shirts. I’m all for freedom of speech and I give it up for the early adopters here, but those in the past two days or so are just band wagon jumpers.

10. I think the Cubs are serious contenders for the first time, in about 12 years.

11. I think I have seen some interesting Christmas card photos this year.

Monday Morning Burn

1. I think I may have almost lost my lid on an outbound flight to Vegas. Fur coat wearing, airline booze drinking chatter box. BTW- haven’t heard this asked of a flight attendant in thirty years or really ever: “You got any cigarettes?” Excellent flight. Yeah me.

2. I think I appreciate Bose Noise canceling headphones and a hoodie like never before. Both are great Xmas gifts.

3. I think the opening sentence from the book The Martian by Andy Weir is classic yet simple. “I’m pretty much f$&@ed”. So far it’s a good read. Sort of Castaway meets Mission to Mars. The movie staring Matt Damon hits theaters November 2015. Gotta love that the main character is a Cubs fan.

4. I think long flights are a good time to read a book.

5. I think I am interested in understanding how suspension bridges work and the engineering around them. Guess I will spend some time researching over the next few weeks. Just because. Or perhaps find an old episode of How Things Work.

6. I think headaches suck. Excedrin is good, but there needs to be a super, duper fast acting version. Ouch, blah, yuk.

7. I think I should have gone into chemistry R&D and could have invented super acting Excedrin and made millions. Who am I kidding I sucked at chemistry.

8. I think after the success of the Fall Harvest Post I am going to campaign for the Key Lime to dominate the summer months. Key Lime Oreos, Key Lime beer, Key Lime mustard, Key Lime latte (KLL, hint, hint Starbucks). First order of business creating a key lime shirt and possibly promotional web site.

9. I think Mountain Dew’s latest test flavor Dewitios (a mash-up taste of Doritos meets Mountain Dew) sounds disgusting. I think it may actually sell well.

10. I think the toughest holiday decision this year will be Thanksgiving Turkey or Christmas Ham. Who am I kidding, it’s the ham, it’s always the ham.

11. I think it is impressive to run a 5k in very cold weather. I think it is impressive to run a 5k and play a soccer game in cold weather.  I think it is impressive to play two soccer games in cold weather.  Congrats all!!


Monday Morning Burn

1. I think it is sad to think about the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. Not quite sure what would lead a person to act so selfishly and ruin the lives of so many. With the events in Aurora, CO, Portland, OR and now Newton, CT let’s move past talk of gun control and more to talk of mental illness.

2. I think the Christmas Card Etiquette post garnered some good reviews. Glad you enjoyed.

3. I think I spent too much time cleaning up all the light bulbs that I knocked over at ShopRite. Boom, there goes the whole display. Why did the put the temporary stand so close to the edge.

4. I think I appreciated the help of one kind Roxbury citizen in assisting me in the clean-up. Sorry ShopRite only about half of the lights were smashed. Clean up in aisle 2.

5. I think the college football bowl games came on to quick. I didn’t get a chance to make my confidence picks this year. I tend to do very well picking the college games and was the big winner in last year’s pool. Oh well. Although, come to think of it, my picks don’t fare that well whenever I am in Vegas.

6. I think the Roxbury orchestra concert this past week was fantastic. This town has two of the best violin and cello players around. Great job Em & Nu.

7. I think we all know Hollywood lacks creativity in creating new movies and TV shows But they can’t even think of creative TV show titles. Why does every other show have “Wars” in the them? Wonder why society is violent? Storage Wars, Shipping Wars, Cupcake Wars, Parking Wars, Design Wars, Bartender Wars, Whisker Wars, Wedding Wars are just a few.

8. I think I am interested in seeing a Star Wars / Storage Wars mash-up.

9. I think it is always an enjoyable evening watching Elf with the family. What a great movie.

10. I think I am not sure why the song Do You Hear What I Hear instructs those to bring silver and gold for the child shivering in the cold. Wouldn’t a blanket be a better choice?

11. I think I have not seen the Fat Albert Christmas Special on TV in years. Hey, Hey, Hey, has anyone seen this lately?

12. Speaking of long lost Christmas Specials, where has the Very Brady Christmas special been? Hmm, I smell a new post for this week.

13. I think there are only eight more shopping days until Christmas. Not to stress you out or anything.

Monday Morning Burn

1. I think I am happy to be done traveling for the rest of 2012. After logging 42,000 miles (just missed Gold status again, Silver here I come) countless nights in hotels (still wondering if they wash sheets) and many late night meals the travel becomes more burdensome than exciting. Fortunately I was able to cross off a new state, Wyoming and hit three new MLB parks this year (Colorado, San Fran and the new Miami).

2. I think I am already in the travel planning process for 2013 with destinations like Salt Lake City, Orlando and SoCal on the radar screen.

3. I think I can’t wait for the invention of teleportation.

4. I think I enjoy watching the Travel Channel’s Toy Hunter show. It is kind of like American Pickers except they go searching just for vintage toys. I am waiting for him to come across the Casper the Friendly Ghost Game. We all loved that light-up game.

5. I think Jonah Hill is the modern day Samuel L. Jackson. It seems as if he is in every other movie lately. Recent find: A young Jonah Hill in the 40 Year Old Virgin.

6. I think the Heisman Trophy is a joke. Just call it what it is, the most lucrative statistical quarterback award. And can they just cut out the presentation ceremony? Nobody cares.

7. I think Sam Adams Winter Lager is a delightfully tasteful beer this time of year. Sam Adams Cherry Wheat is equally delicious.

8. I think that I am sick and tired of hearing the media’s overuse of the phrase “Fiscal Cliff.”

9. I think that I am also sick of hearing about the pending apocalypse based on the Mayan calendar. Did we not learn anything from the John Cusack movie 2012? Life will go on. Oh don’t forget to drink the Kool-Aid.

10. I think, speaking of Kool-Aid, the one-time best drink of a generation has lost its appeal. Could it be because the increased consumption of other sugary drinks like soda and cranberry juice? Could it be because of Jim Jones cult and their mass suicide by cyanide poisoning their drinks? (fyi – they drank Flavor Aid and not Kool-Aid). Or could it be because Kool-Aid insisted on creating stupid flavors that no one cared about thus turning off a fan base. It seems that they have gone back to simple flavors but it is too late. Perhaps Kool-Aid should bring back its most successful flavor and my personal flavor, Sunshine Punch.

11. I think you need to check out the Christmas song Do You Hear What I Hear by by Spiraling. It is a few years old but is recently getting a ton of play on WDHA 105.5. It’s a great mash-up of Do You Hear and the Who’s Baba O’Reily. Brilliant! Check it out on YouTube.  I haven’t seen it on iTunes.

Monday Morning Burn

1. I think those individuals ringing the bell and collecting money for the Salvation Army should smile more. I know it’s not the best job, it’s cold and most people ignore you. But you just seem miserable and are scaring off more money than you are bringing in. You need to work harder for those $.47.

2. I think I have spent a total of one year of my life waiting in line at the deli counter. Why the heck are the deli workers so slow? Why are the lines that long? And why to people feel the need to order 10 pounds of lunch meat a week? Doesn’t it go bad? “Yes, I would like the nitrate sandwich with the sodium spread.”

3. I think the first annual Squirrels Hate Me Holiday Hits Playlist CD give-away was a bust. The Playlist was great and we had lots of readers for that post but not many interested in the CD. I’ll figure out a better give-away next year. Perhaps an evening of crumpets and egg nog with yours truly while we ponder the wisdom of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

4. I think Rutgers football has no identity. For two weeks the jugular was exposed and they could not finish it. Those two loses cost the Scarlet Knights $10 million and a trip to the Sugar Bowl. Now instead they will play in the Russell Athletic Supporter Bowl. Way to make NJ proud.

5. I think the NFL Red Zone channel is a great investment. I would have died if the Jets versus Cardinals game was the only game on TV in my house, as it was in most households in the New York Metro region.

6. I think Robot Chicken is the most under rated show on TV. Check it out on demand. 100% money back if you are not satisfied. I think I could be a writer for that show.

7. I think, contrary to my wife’s opinion, the movie 21 Jump Street was quite funny. “Infiltrate the dealers, find the suppliers.” So proud.

8. I think that I am the only person who appreciates the whimsy in the songs I sing. I continually hear a constant barrage of “you’re so weird” from family and co-workers. I should have been a jingle writer, but I have no musical ability. My first jingle, written at age 11 drew rave reviews; it was a song about the product “Bag a Bug.” One my best was  the jingle I made up for the Ron Popeil Pasta Maker. I will never forgot my college roommate Mean Gene watching the Pasta Maker infomercial waiting for the song to actually play and thinking that it was a fully produced song for the show (“I’ll make your pasta fresh today.”) But I think the best was the song I wrote and sang on stage in High School. It was a Christmas Chemistry rap (it was a holiday show and I did for my Chemistry classes, shortly then followed with the 12 days of chemistry) that I sang in front of 500 high schoolers, three times. I think I was high. doctor MC Silf in the house.

9. I think that I may not be able to wait until the holiday break to begin reading book 5 of a Game with Thrones, a Dance with Dragons. I may need to download for a flight this week. And just maybe dream that I am flying on the back of one of Daenerys’ dragons.

10. I think I am at a loss on Xmas shopping for my wife. I hope she likes socks and glue. Any other ideas?

11. I think I will post my top 10 Holiday Villains list this week.

Monday Morning Burn

1. I think the panic of no more Twinkies and Ding Dongs is extremely funny. Only in the United States of Obesity will someone pay $5,000 for one Twinkie as on sale at Ebay.

2. I think there is no need to pay extra for fancy tomato soup. The classic Campbell’s is still the best tasting and best for your money.

3. I think I had a great time with my teenage daughter over dinner and dessert this weekend. Nice to spend some quality time with such an amazing girl. Glad she is starting to like sushi. Glad she also likes pumpkin ice cream. Now if I can get her into chocolate jimmies.

4 I think I had a great time with my youngest at the movies this weekend. I think she may be warming to her old man. Very, very, very slowly. Although a large bag of buttered popcorn does help the effort.

5. I think Wreck It Ralph was as good as I expected. Fast paced, funny and a few good scenes with Q*bert (not sure if he is cursing or just talking trash). Though too many commercials and previews prior to the movie, nearly 30 minutes worth.

6. I think it’s way too early for the 24 hour Christmas music stations on the radio.

7. I think Phillip Phillips song “Home” is stuck in my head. The cd is a pretty good listen.

8. I think the new vegetable shelves at ShopRite are awful. Pick one drop five.

9. I think nothing beats a new chain on my chainsaw. Cuts like butter. And so much fun.

10. I think it’s a sad day when we are looking at the fact that Notre Dame might play in the NCAA national championship game. Thanks a lot Kansas State and Oregon.

11. I think it may be time to put the Cubs and Dolphins on notice. It’s been 10 suck-ass years since either played quality ball. Any suggestions? Perhaps the Phillies now that they have the best third base coach Ryne Sandberg.

12. I think my alum Bloomsburg had a good run this year. Too early of an exit in the playoffs for a team that was once ranked #5 in the nation. Great job by Division II’s best place holder!

13. I think it should be a great Thanksgiving this year.